Lessons From a Wrecked Dog: Here or There

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There’s something lovely about watching my old puppy dog make the choice to jump over there to walk through the wet, tall grass lining the side of the road instead of walking over here on the obstacle free road with me.  And, if a ditch happens to be present, she will opt to walk in it every single time.

My dog instinctively knows something that has taken me years to figure out.  Sometimes you have to choose to get your feet wet and muddy in order to experience the smell-worthy parts of life. The beautiful things in life aren’t always found on the smooth, dry path.

Today, I desire the courage to leave the comfort of here and to go into the inconvenience of there.

“This is what anyone who has been wrecked can hope for:  to be led where you once didn’t want to go and actually be glad you get there.” Jeff Goins

If you are interested in discovering more beautiful ways of getting from here to there, check out this inspiring new book just released this week from Jeff, WRECKED

4 thoughts on “Lessons From a Wrecked Dog: Here or There

  1. Linda Stoll

    Yes! It’s usually from a place of woundedness and pain, from all being wrecked, that life begins to spring forth … but first, a time to heal, a time to mend.

  2. Linda

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love the imagery of your post. I can relate to the puppy who takes the road less traveled. What a wonderful reminder to live life fully, even in the uneven places….maybe especially in the uneven places.


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