Life After Art ~ a book review

You will be creating for the rest of your life. You might as well do it on purpose.”
~ Matt Appling


I recently finished reading Matt Appling’s book Life after Art. In his book, Matt invites his readers to journey back to the art room to recapture the beauty we confidently held onto as young children.

Matt points out that one of the dangers of moving from childhood to adulthood is losing “our childhood creative drives. Other things become more important and creating becomes less.”

As we grow up, we also begin to see our limitations and fear creeps into our lives.  “As soon as we discover our limitations, it colors how we engage with the world for the rest of our lives.”  Matt goes on to say that when we give up creating, when we allow our limitations to dictate how we live, when we stop being generous with our talents then we are making the dangerous choice of settling for a life that is merely “good enough” instead shooting for a “good life.”

One of the most thought-provoking sections of Matt’s book is when he points out the fallacy to the old familiar adage that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”  I smiled when I read these words, “there are millions of us who think we have beauty in our lives, but we desperately need our vision checked.”  I smiled at his words, because I’ve been stuck there before. Matt’s words took me back to a time in my life when I, too, was in serious need of a vision check.

Life after Art is worth taking a closer look at…especially if you might need a little encouragement recapturing the incredible beauty of life and your unique place in it.

You can find out more information and purchase your copy by visiting Life After Art.





4 thoughts on “Life After Art ~ a book review

  1. Carol Peterson

    I loved your opening quote. I do believe, Eileen, that you and I are often on the same page. Only this morning, I posted: Time is going to pass whether you work on your goals or not.

    Living life on purpose is a good goal to have.


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