Light-Filled Legacies

photo-1420745981456-b95fe23f5753Whenever I hear the song “God, Help Me to Be” by Cloverton, I am inclined to close my eyes and turn it into a prayer. Yesterday, I heard the song while out for my run. As I ran along, listening to the words, I thought about how unsafe it would be to close my eyes (for an extended period of time) while running my neighborhood streets. And then I had 2 Corinthians 5:7 come to mind. “We run  walk by faith, not by sight.”  I smiled.   Lord, that’s not necessarily what you meant, is it?  🙂

Take a minute to listen to the song if you haven’t heard it yet. It’s beautiful.

This morning, I thought about the song verse that says: “And, God, help me to shine, like stars up in the universe that’s yours and not mine. And fill me with Your light so that the darkness will hide.

When I drive my son to school in the morning I will often say to him before he gets out of the car and heads into the school  “remember to be salt and light.”   My mom used to say it to me…and the memory has remained with me all these years. It wasn’t an original message. Jesus first said it a couple of thousand years earlier to his followers. (Matthew 5) It’s easy to forget so I’m very thankful that my mom said it often.  My goal is to remind my son regularly, so that when I’m gone…he will remember too.  Remember to be salt and light.

Here’s an older post I wrote that came to mind as I thought more about this reminder.  It’s about the salt and light sticky note reminder from my mom that I held onto for years.  It was a little act of love that has stuck (no pun intended) with me. Today, I am thankful that kind and loving gestures don’t necessarily have to be hard and labor intensive in order to be remembered.  Most of the time, the small things really are the big things.

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