little acts of love

This morning I packed a “love note” in my son’s lunch box. It’s the first time I’ve ever done anything like that. I am not sure what his reaction will be, he might be getting too old for them. I made sure it wasn’t too sappy just in case his friends saw it. 🙂

Yesterday, I was thinking about the notes my mom used to hide for me. I mentioned one not too long ago in another blog post. I was on a class trip and tucked in my luggage was a little yellow sticky note. It read:

Remember to be salt and light.

I think about that note all the time. Twenty-two years later and I can visualize the moment I discovered the note. I can see that sixteen year old girl as she pulled it from her suitcase and I can see the smile on her face… so touched that her mom had been thinking of her and had taken the time to write her daughter a little note of encouragement. At the time, my mom was battling breast cancer, she passed away a couple years after that note was written.

I held onto that sticky note for years. It finally lost its stickiness. And eventually, I misplaced it. But, the memory of that note is still fresh in my mind. The memory brings a smile to my face and a few tears to my eyes.

Today, I was reminded that seemingly small acts of kindness can leave a big impression. Who would have thought that nearly twenty years after my mom’s death that that little note would mean so much to me. It’s interesting the things we remember.

So, I guess my challenge for you all today is to take the time to do the little things. Because one day, years later, you might discover they were the things that meant the most.


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10 thoughts on “little acts of love

  1. Kelli

    I love it! How cool your mom left notes like that for you! It's like the verse talking about wearing it around your heart; posting it on the door…we need those sticky note reminders to stay on track! My oldest daught Savanna (7) leaves ME notes like that! I love them!!

  2. Fields of gold

    So super sweet! One day when I was home from college, I went to my room, and on top of my laundry was a note from my mom, plain and simple, yet packed with love: "Clean, washed clothes."

    I keep it in a shadow box in my room and smile each time I see it, knowing I am loved.

    Thanks for bringing this sweet memory to light. Can't wait to hear what your son thought of his love note!!

  3. Jenifer

    I do this for my husband all the time. I will write a note and stick it in his lunch or even write a note on the baggie or whatever. The little things are so special. Great post Eileen!

  4. Kandi

    So often the little things mean so much more than the big things. You will have to keep us posted on what your son thought of his little note.

  5. Phather Phil Malmstrom

    What a beautiful memory to share with us Eileen. 🙂

    And I agree with you completely, in the end the little kindnesses and acts of love are the ones that will be appreciated and remembered.

    Thank you for this heartfelt post!

    Have a Blessed Day!

  6. Eileen

    Update!! Sean appreciated his note. But the first words out of his mouth…why did you do it?
    My response…cause I love you!!!
    Then he shared with me that once a girl in his class got a love message written on her banana. Now that's clever 🙂

  7. Hershey's Moma

    Aww. So glad he liked it and what a great response you had for him!

    Thanks for sharing this and for spurring us on to love and good deeds…

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