Love is a Battlefield


One of my favorite places to run is the Chickamauga Battlefield. I’ve written before about one of the reasons why I love running in this location.  You can read that post here. There’s something significant to me about finding beauty and enjoyment in a place that once held so much pain and destruction. It reminds me of redemption and if you’ve been reading this blog long enough then you know I kind of have this soft place in my heart for anything redemption related.

Now, on a completely different note, another thought typically pops into my brain when I’m out in the battlefield. I’m a word girl so words tend to cross my mind in ticker tape fashion. I was also a child of the 80s and songs (good or bad) from that era are embedded (unfortunately or fortunately) forever into my memory. When I’m in the battlefield the 80s song titled Love is a Battlefield by Pat Benatar will often cross my mind.

When it came to mind this weekend, I couldn’t help but think how true that statement is in the context of how Jesus fights to reign in our hearts. His love for us truly is a battle and our heart is the field or the ground that Jesus desires to claim victory over.

The other morning, as this thought was percolating in my brain (and, yes, I chose percolating because I happen to be drinking coffee) these words started playing in my ears.

“I’m lifting up my hands
I’m laying down my arms
God, take me as I am
God, take over my heart” I Surrender All

We must lay down our arms (our weapons) if the Lord will ever be victorious in our hearts. The battle is won when we choose to surrender to Him.

And then, like a flood, the lyrics of other battle songs rushed through my mind…

“Kneeling on this battle ground
Seeing just how much You’ve done
Knowing every victory
Was Your power in us” Never Once Matt Redman

“I know who goes before me
I know who stands behind
The God of angel armies
Is always by my side.”  Whom Shall I Fear Chris Tomlin

Troubles surround me, chaos abounding.
My soul will rest in You
I will not fear the war, I will not fear the storm.
My help is on the way, my help is on the way” Always Kristin Stanfil

Here’s what these lyrics help me to keep a firm grip on…

God’s past faithfulness in my life.  I can look in the rearview mirror and remember that surrender wasn’t a death was an invitation for more life…more life than I could ever have imagined.

God’s future faithfulness.  No matter what trouble stretches out in front of me, He assures my soul that this surrender was not a one time deal.  He fought for me then. He fights for me today, and He will fight for me tomorrow too.

God’s faithfulness when the wheels come off. No matter how strong the storm is around me, no matter how much it takes away, I can find rest and safety in the shadow of His wings.  Nothing reaches me without first going through Him. He has the final say…always.

2 thoughts on “Love is a Battlefield

    1. Eileen Post author

      Thank you, Angie. This soul is hungry too and needs the reminder all the time! Glad He makes enough bread for everyone. 🙂 Have a beautiful day!


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