Love Without Lines

Toe the line.

I thought about that phrase the other day and realized something. The more this incredible level of divisiveness continues in our country, the more I’m compelled to gravitate towards run full speed towards the marginalized.

Speak up for the people who have no voice,
for the rights of all the down-and-outers.
Speak out for justice!
Stand up for the poor and destitute!” Proverbs 31: 8-9

I had an image come to mind the other day as I pondered that phrase, toe the line.  I was standing at an actual line and I decided to step across the line. Before doing so, I folded up the lawn chair that I had with me and carried it across the line too. Yet, crossing the line wasn’t enough. I ventured away from the line and into the center. I then plopped my chair down next to a campfire and people were sitting all around the fire chatting cordially with one another. The only thing I knew for sure as I saw this scene play out in my head was that I felt at home there…sitting around that campfire…away from line…that’s where I belonged.

When I think about the ministry of Jesus, I think this is what makes Him so attractive. He didn’t toe lines. Instead, he came to erase the lines everyone seemed to be drawing.

I keep going back to this cartoon drawing I saw several months ago. Jesus came to erase the lines and all the safe and comfortable boxes that we tend to draw.

And yet, even as Jesus took the lines away, there was never any question where He stood and who He stood with:

the marginalized, the poor, the outcast, the broken, the prodigals, the weak, the forgotten.

I want to get rid of lines too. Yet, I want there to be no question where I stand and who I stand with:

the marginalized, the poor, the outcast, the broken, the prodigals, the weak, the forgotten.

I want to sit around a campfire with Jesus, much like the one he made for Peter and John on the morning he made them breakfast after his resurrection.

Jesus had every right that morning to give Peter an earful about how wrong he had been and how royally he had screwed up. But, he didn’t. Instead, his response was…

come, pull up your lawn chair and sit with me, eat some breakfast with me.

One thought on “Love Without Lines

  1. Becky

    Yes and yes! I have had to re-examine my lie positions lately and realize that I have many lines to erase if I am to live like Jesus! Thanks for this post!


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