Mistakes & Opportunities to Love

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Last night I went to my first First Wednesday service at my new church.  It’s an hour of worship, prayer and communion.  I was meeting a few ladies there from the group I joined.  The group isn’t scheduled to kick off until next Wednesday.  I don’t know any of these ladies well yet. I’ve only spoken to them briefly. However, it was still a nice feeling to be meeting other folks I kind of sort of knew. I’m glad faces are beginning to look familiar at my new church.

As I walked into the service, one of the greeters handed me what looked like a small plastic individual coffee creamer container. But instead of creamer, it held grape juice for communion.  Very clever, I thought, I wonder where the bread will be?

I took a seat next to one of the community group leaders, Beth. When we neared the time in the service for communion, I was still a little confused at where the bread was. Then, I watched Beth carefully open her lid. And, tucked between the lid layers was a thin wafer.

Well how cool is that?!

I pulled back the plastic on my lid and watched my wafer slide off my grape juice container and hit my leg.  Like a slow-moving car wreck, I then watched it hit the floor by my feet.


Well, Lord, I thought.  Regardless of how clean and perfect You are…I’m not eating that.  I looked at the floor.  Beth looked at the floor.  We looked at each other and smiled.  Without missing a beat, Beth took her wafer, broke it in two and offered me half. We both let out a couple of quiet chuckles and bowed our heads.

This Body which was broken for you.  Do this in remembrance of Me.

As I sat there smiling last night at my smooth communion taking skills, I realized how “perfect” the moment was. The semi-stranger sitting next to me, she stepped up and helped me.  What a beautiful illustration of what being the hands and feet for others along the path looks like.

I put the wafer in my mouth.

Thank you, Lord, that You are constantly pointing us to Yourself.  You took a wafer on a dirty floor and turned it into an opportunity of Love. 


8 thoughts on “Mistakes & Opportunities to Love

  1. Jennifer

    I had tears in my eyes as I pictured that moment. I know what it is to move to a new place and meet new people. God provides such wonderful open doors for us. It looks like you are about to walk through one with some wonderful encouragers!


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