Morning Jolts

“Oh, we’re free, free
Forever we’re free
Come join the song
Of all the redeemed
Yes, we’re free free
Forever amen
When death was arrested and my life began”

Those were the words playing on repeat all through the night. I heard them each time I stirred and rolled over. I heard them as I got up to use the restroom. I heard them as I drifted back to sleep and then as I got up in the morning and started my day.

Songs play like a beautiful broken record in my head sometimes. Sometimes, they shake me awake in the middle of the night. They serenade my soul. It’s the beauty in the background that is always playing but, sometimes, the noise on the surface (especially during the daytime) is so loud that its beauty is muffled or drowned out completely.

As I started my morning routine, the noise became louder and I quickly forgot about the music that had played through the night. That is, until I read these words.

“I never knew Jesus until I failed horribly. It gives the worst part of me a whole new bent. What should have destroyed me became what woke me up. That’s grace.” Serena Woods

Today, these words were the defibrillator…shocking me heart back to life. The shock I needed as I began another day. Another day when I have a choice to either go through the motions, to grope around with eyes closed, to live on auto pilot OR to wake up to the reality that all of it is GRACE.

“What should have destroyed me became what woke me up. That’s grace.” It’s also redemption. It’s also when “YOU called my name and I ran out of that grave” (Yes, more lyrical breadcrumbs scattered along the path that lead home.)

Lord, thank you for the tiny defibrillator moments through the day, those moments that jolt us back to life, those moments that remind us again of who You are and what You have done.

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