My Secret Fear of Smart Phones

So, a couple months ago I decided to join Twitter. I guess it was only a matter of time. First facebooker, then blogger…now tweeter. I wonder what’s next? What I find kind of amusing about having Twitter is that I don’t actually own a cell phone that tweets. My husband and I might be the last two people left on earth who own phones that don’t tweet. I’m holding out on getting a fancy dancy phone cause I hear there might be some sort of monetary prize handed out for those who hold out the longest. That might just be a rumor.

Instead, we’ve chosen the old-fashion style cell phones. Do you know the ones of which I speak? The ones that were designed to…make phone calls. About a year ago, our cell phone contract ran out and we were given the opportunity to purchase newer, “smarter” phones. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. My reasoning?

I know something scary about myself. Me and 24 hour access to the Internet would not be a good thing. It would not enhance my life. I am fairly certain if I had one, I would never interact with my friends and family, except online, of course. I would become an expert interacting that way. I would probably have to buy my seven year old son a phone too just so we could spend some quality bonding time with one another. Although, I’ve never owned one, I completely understand why the BlackBerry was nicknamed CrackBerry.

I fear that if I owned a fancy dancy phone it would bring out the worst in me. I tend to have an addictive personality. I think 24 hour easy online access would be as tempting to abuse for this recovering addict as alcohol. It would be like toting a bottle of red wine with me everywhere I go. Heck, if cell phone designers ever started marketing a wine bottle shaped BlackBerry, I might have a hard time resisting. 😉

So, for now, I am enjoying my new Twitter experience via my laptop…or maybe I should refer to it as my CrackTop.

What about you?

Perhaps, I am not one of the last people on earth who can’t tweet from their phone.

If you do own a fancy dancy phone, let me know how you manage your time. I would love to know how to own one and not abuse it.

11 thoughts on “My Secret Fear of Smart Phones

  1. Kandi

    Too funny Eileen. The only thing my phone does is make phone calls, I can't tweet or even text on my phone, in fact I don't think I have ever sent a text message. I got it for emergencies only so it stays in the car. I feel like I am living amongst the dinosaurs that people don't have instant and easy to me. When I am with my friends or family I want to be present with them not answering the phone or text messaging.

  2. Jenifer

    Eileen, you always make me laugh! I just love reading from you! 🙂

    I have internet on my cell. I got it only when I was offered it for free for a month. I like free so thought why not. When my month was up, I decided to continue since it was only $10 a month and I had enjoyed having it. Last year, I really felt God was telling me to shut the internet off. I didn't know why. It wasn't expensive, I really wasn't on it that much as my plan was limited. But I knew what He wanted so I obeyed. It was funny, when I called the provider to cancel, they wanted to know why. I said "because God told me to." The guy had been prepared to offer me more but after a hearing my answer and a long pause, he said "well I have no argument for that one." lol. I honestly did not really miss it that much. The only thing I really did miss was being able to upload mobile pics to fb. After about two months I felt God release me from this ban so I went ahead and turned the internet back on.

    As far as management, I have to keep my cell away from me during my quiet times with God, meal times, family times, and bed time. I like being connected but it is addictive if I am not careful.

  3. Lisa

    I just finished reading another blog about cell phones. How funny! I probably should not have a fancy dancy cell phone because I tend to have an addictive personality too. But I also have a cracktop, as you so aptly called it. I want to be more addicted to God than anything else.

  4. Heidi

    So funny, I have an addictive personality too and I held out until last year when my husband surprised me with an android. I was nervous too and at first it was a problem, but like with all new things it mellowed out. He does have to remind me to put my phone down sometimes and my oldest daughter is the texting police in the backseat making sure I don't drive and text. In a lot of ways it's helped me though. I check my email and delete the junk on the fly instead of spending more time sitting at the computer… which is a bigger problem for me. Looking up recipes and directions has been wonderful… the navigation on my phone is really great. But when my husband is home I try to stay off of the phone and the computer because he gets upset (rightly so). And I think about my kids, they're eventually going to want one (and eventually means a really long time)so how I model my use of it will be what they do, so that keeps me in check too. I don't want to tempt you further, but I do love my android 🙂

  5. Phather Phil Malmstrom

    I'm afraid in my case Eileen, it's an occupational hazard but I'll admit to using my Android phone… a lot. On the bright side, the Bible app I have on it is excellent… 🙂

    Have a Blessed Day!

  6. Allison

    Honey my cell phone is taped together. Yes-taped together, so you can imagine it's good for nothing but good ol' phone calls and texting. I don't even know HOW to twitter 🙂

  7. Kristin Bridgman

    I'm in the dinosaur group too, my phone does not tweet. I don't even understand tweeting and I don't really seem to want to. I'm happy being in the dinosaur group:) Although, I might be a modern dinosaur because I do have texting, which I use occasionaly with my teen-age son, or a friend who decides to get funny with it:)

  8. Eileen

    you all crack me up! Allison, that's funny! I guess I can't complain…no tape holding my dinosaur phone together yet 🙂

  9. frogsview

    No fancy schmancy phone here either – Which one is the free phone, oh yes I'll take that one?

    Just make the phone nice enough so I can take photos on my phone camera and upload the photos to my blog. That's good enough for me.

  10. My daily walk in His grace!

    Hi Eileen. Glad I found your blog. My phone is good but me, a bit technologically challenged! I'm a fairly new blogger, have decided not to facebook or tweet(?), but having said that I do spend LOTS of time in bloggy-sphere and love it. Maybe its best to avoid the rest – for me anyway.
    God bless
    ps: will be following your blog – hope you don't mind


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