My Sexy Can Opener

Don’t you love it when things work the way they were designed to work? This is my new can opener. Isn’t it sexy?

The one quality that I think makes my can opener so attractive is that it actually works exactly how it was designed to work. I hook it to my can of kidney beans, I turn the knob, and five seconds later…viola! The lid separates from the rest of the can.

This actually wasn’t my first attempt at buying a new can opener. I bought my first new can opener about a month prior to the sexy one you see above…but it only worked….oh…maybe to open one can of tomatoes and one can of chicken broth. But, I was determined to keep using it. Maybe it just needed to be broken in. After all it was new. Maybe it just needed more practice at doing its job.

So for the next few weeks my can opener and I struggled to get along. The final straw (or can) was one of the two cans of kidney beans I was attempting to open for my chili last week. I twisted and twisted and the blade would barely poke through the top. I twisted and twisted some more. I even stopped occasionally to wipe the perspiration from my brow and to start from a different location on the lid.

Finally, I could tell that the lid was only connected in two spots. I put down my good-for-nothing-can-opener and decided that maybe if I just push down real hard with my thumbs on the top of the lid the connected areas would detach. And you know what? I was right. It did detach. It detached with so much force that kidney bean juice splattered a foot into the air…landing not only on the counter and floor but also on my face, my eyeglasses, and my hair. Now you might think I would have shouted out some choice words…but I even surprised myself and stood there and laughed at my can opener catastrophe. The next day, I came home from the store with another new can opener. This new sexy can opener. And, guess what? It opens cans!!

So, this takes me back to my original thought. Don’t you love when things work the way they are designed to work? This little episode made me think of two things.

1. I am so glad there wasn’t a hidden camera in my house that day when I was attempting to open my cans. It was quite comical.

2. Our Creator designed us to work a certain way too. And things go so much smoother for us when we work the way we were designed to work. The following verse from Ephesians 2:10 came to mind “For we are God’s masterpiece, created in Christ Jesus to do good works that God prepared long ago to be our way of life.” You and I were created for a purpose. To understand that purpose, we need to stay connected to our Creator. If we don’t…our lives might end up looking a lot like the mess in my kitchen the other day.

11 thoughts on “My Sexy Can Opener

  1. Charlotte

    I have been reading your blog for a while now and really enjoy it! You have a way of finding God in the everyday — just like we all should. 🙂

  2. Lisa

    What a good point! If we are struggling through life, it could be because we are trying to do something we weren't created to do. I know my God has a plan for me, and I want to operate within that plan.
    Thanks for this great post!

  3. Kandi

    I love how as we take lifes journey walking with God we can see the parallels to Him in everything we do, it is as if He is reminding us that He is near, even while opening a can of kidney beans.

  4. Kelli

    Great post Eileen! I am laughing so hard I cant stop coughing! I need my cough drops!! I love your sexy new can opener! Glad yall are getting along better. I hope that was some good chili after all that kidney juice splattering! I like when you said "Our Creator designed us to work a certain way too. And things go so much smoother for us when we work the way we were designed to work." You are so right. He designed us for Himself…to glorify Himself. To have an intimacy with Him that is unmatched! Love it!

  5. Allison

    Love the connection with the can opener. Sometimes I feel like the dull one and other times I feel like the brand-spanking new one! I want to be who and what He wants for me to be so I pray that I will 'work the way I was designed to work'.

  6. Crystal Mary

    My daughter says, we have to approach and enter the Throne room daily. You close your eyes and worship HIM. Then you see yourself walking towards the throne room.Jesus meets you at the door and you enter together. Are you close to God at this stage or is He at a distance? If close you are a person who is more able to communicate easily. You praise and worship Him again. Does he reach towards you. What does He look like. Can you see and feel His love and acceptance? Ask Him questions, not to many, and wait for the answers…He loves us so.

  7. Phather Phil Malmstrom

    What a wonderful analogy Eileen! It's funny, but quite often we try to do things that go against how He made us, and it never ends well. As you stated so eloquently, if we stay connected to Him and "operate as intended", then things just go so much more smoothly!

    Have a Blessed Day!

  8. Fields of gold

    Oh Eileen!! Your story gave me the best laugh! I can just picture that kidney bean juice sky rocketing in the air!

    I was just thinking about how God created me and the gifts He's instilled within me today. I had a conversation with a friend about a passion of my heart and realized with great delight that God placed that passion in me to use for His glory.

    Thanks for using your gifts of writing and glorifying Christ through your words!

  9. Heidi

    Love it! I also love how God reveals himself even in a sexy can opener… He's so good like that! I want to be living out His purposes in my life and you're right on, we can't do that without staying connected to Him! Great post!


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