One Words and Kevin Bacon

“…then today is a day to embrace God’s recreating work in your own life.”
(excerpt from Make A Difference, Ken Castor, Jan 14 Devotional)

embrace God’s recreating work…pull it close… and hold it tight…treasure it. 

Yep, focusing on a One Word every year is often like a round of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.  I can follow the breadcrumbs on the path back…not to Kevin Bacon…but to the word and to the lesson. 😉

I then went on to read a reminder in an online YouVersion devotional centered around this verse in the Book of John:

“Jesus did many other things as well. If every one of them were written down, I suppose that even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written” John 21:25

The reminder in the devotional?  The Bible is sufficient. Jesus has supplied us with all the Word we need.  What’s needed is for us to stop pining for more, and begin reading and studying more earnestly what we’ve got right in front of us.

And so God gives us clippings and snippets (which–admit it–you could stand to read more often). He thinks we have enough Word for everything we need. The Bible is sufficient; it is able to make us wise for salvation and prepare us for every good work. It reveals the incredible identity of our Savior and tells us what we need to know about his wonderful saving work. Instead of pining for more, let’s read more earnestly what we’ve got.”

“stop pining for more, let’s read more earnestly what we’ve got.”

read more earnestly…more intensely,  more sincerely…things we approach with sincerity…we treasure 

See? What did I tell you? Just like a round of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.

It’s fun.  Give it a try!

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