Opening the Floodgate

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Words don’t flow as quickly as they once did. I’ve been writing consistently for five years now.  And, sometimes, I wonder if words were more plentiful at the beginning of the journey because they’d been locked inside for so long. Piling up. Waiting to be released.


I chose to stuff  them instead of release them for nearly 15 years.  The day I let them out was like opening up a floodgate.

Every stroke on the keyboard brought healing

another stitch sewn
another wound addressed
another scar acknowledged
another prayer of thanksgiving

Parts once left for dead suddenly alive again

Freedom incredible freedom

Life amazing life

There is power and restoration found in words.  I know that now.

I never want to stop
writing them
saying them
reading them
listening to them

Words form stories and stories are beautiful.

Last night, I listened to more folks share their stories

The mess, the pain, the mistakes, the failures, the lessons, the victories

I listened to their words and my heart was home

This, Lord.  This is what life is all about.


PS   Still love this song.  Sums up my word journey so well…

4 thoughts on “Opening the Floodgate

  1. David Rupert

    Even if you just write for you, it’s worth it. Love how you are finding the Healing in how the words find you. I just spoke to a friend about this and am sending her over to read this message.


  2. Joy

    Hello Eileen,

    I discovered your blog via the Write Practice (love that site!), and I’m amazed by how many similar songs we like! We could share an I-pod! 😉

    I just discovered Sara Bareilles’ song Brave a week ago, and I agree–that song is amazing . I thought about doing a post on it too. As someone who loves (yet struggles sometimes) with writing and getting words out in general, I found it highly inspirational. Being a writer takes courage. Thanks for sharing your writing on this blog. Have a blessed day! 🙂


    1. Eileen Post author

      Ha! Well we could certainly save a little money by sharing our iPod.;) Thank you for coming over. The Write Practice is a nice site although I haven’t had the chance to get over there too much lately. Have a great day…keep being brave with your words! 🙂


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