“It feels like chaos but somehow there’s peace.”

It’s these song lyrics from a Sanctus Real song that keep coming back to me this week. I heard the song again while out for a long run the other day. I was about three miles through with my six mile run and those words had this beautiful way of energizing and renewing my mind, my spirit, and my legs.

I love those times in my life when the Lord has shown me how capable He is of overwhelming me with His peace despite my circumstances, how capable He is of calming anxious thoughts and feelings that begin churning away inside me.

This might be the most loving gift we’ve ever been promised from our Savior. Peace. His peace.  

And when we experience this gift in the midst of chaos, we never forget it.  It washes over us like a wave of reassurance from the God of the universe Himself.  The King of our hearts fills our heart with His perfectly timed Truth and Love.

 I AM.   And I AM bigger than it all. 

That peace is as real as the dear friend who sits beside us holding onto as we cry. When our world breaks and all feels lost, that peace becomes our compass. It takes us by the hand and guides us through the darkness.  It moves our feet forward with a strength and a courage that is not our own.

Thank you Lord. Thank you for your peace.

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