Pick Up the Rock and Throw

This morning I’ve been thinking about the act of doing the right thing even when it hurts.  I’ve written several posts on this topic over the years.  In hindsight, I can tell you these moments of reluctant follow-through have led to more growth and freedom in my life than anything else.

It’s not the things in life that we’re eager to do that make the greatest impact in our lives. No, it’s the scary Goliath things. It’s those things in our lives we initially want to run from or ignore that are most significant.

When Fear is standing in front of us, taunting us and shouting out all the reasons why we are unqualified, what we choose to do next is crucial to the growth process.

If we want to fully experience the abundant life God has planned for us, then we have one choice.

We dig in our heels, pick up the Rock of Truth and hurl it back at the giant. That rock is a powerful Rock. That one Rock has the ability to take out Fear in a single blow.

What is one thing you know you need to do today but Fear is saying you can’t?

Don’t listen.

Pick up the Rock and throw.

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4 thoughts on “Pick Up the Rock and Throw

  1. Steve Hartung

    Eileen, wow, as usually happens, your post hit me smack dab in the center of my spiritual solar plexus. The last couple years for me has been a battle of throwing off and defeating fears, large and small. Sometimes it seems the smaller ones can be as hard to destroy as the big ones as they give it their all to gain a foothold in the Spirit my Lord has granted me. One caution I have taken to heart which I would like to share is: during the joyful time after an evil giant (or a giant of evil) has fallen, it seems as if there is a lightness and openness within me. If I do not remain humble during my victory, or, better said, my Lord’s victory through me, I am ripe to allow this openness to be used against me. And so I caution, at the height of victory please remain humble and be thankful for God’s grace which allows us these victories in the first place.

    There is a short book “Humility,” written over 100 years ago by a South African holy man named Andrew Murray. I recommend any one who is fighting the good fight against all the deceptions, dangers, and distort ions of this world to read and absorb Mr. Murray’s wise council. It is a good tool to have when you are on the battlefield!

    Thank you again, Eileen, for being one of the guide lights for us readers!

    1. Eileen Post author

      Excellent reminder, Steve. Remembering who ultimately brings the victory is crucial. Thank you for the book recommendation too. Have a great Saturday!


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