Priceless Predictablity Credit: Dreamstime

Since moving to North Georgia, I’ve yet to find a great radio station. I’ve left the dial primarily on one particular station in the car for the last couple of weeks and I’ve noticed something amusing about the station.

Each time we get in the car to go anywhere, we have a 99% chance of hearing a song from at least one of these three artists: The Lumineers, Fun, or Phillip Phillips…and sometimes all three.  Trifecta!!

In fact, the probability of this happening is so high, my son and I have made a game out of our routine trips into town to run errands.

“Okay, which artist will we be hearing from first today, Sean?”

“Umm, Fun” he responds.

“You think so? I’m thinking Phillip Phillips.”

And then we drive, we listen, and we wait. And sure enough, one of our guesses (or the odd man out this time) begins to play.

And in unison we both shout, “there it is!”


I’ve been thinking about the pros and cons of things in our life being predictable.

Sometimes predictable can be soothing and comforting, like a favorite pair of shoes  a favorite chair, or a favorite meal. The familiar feels like going home. You know what to expect.

But sometimes predictable is just that… predictable. It happens the same way so many times that it becomes difficult to spot the beauty or uniqueness anymore.

The little pick a song game my son and I play reminded me that even in the midst of the predictable, life is going by and memories are being created. I was reminded that there is always beauty to be discovered tucked away in the ordinary and in the routine. Sometimes you just have to make an effort to scratch below the surface to find it,  It’s there.  It’s always there.

Today, Lord, gives us eyes to see beyond the predictable.

4 thoughts on “Priceless Predictablity

    1. Eileen Post author

      I understand, Bill. As much as I tend to fear change…it’s the one thing I need to continue growing and learning.


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