Reaching Out vs Keeping Up

It’s Friday and time for another edition of Five Minute Friday.  Today’s prompt took me a little longer to write.  It was more like Fifteen Minute Friday. Five minutes wasn’t enough. 🙂   If you would like to join in the fun CLICK HERE.

Prompt:  ENOUGH

“Reaching out should always be a greater priority than keeping up.”

Ironically, I saw this quote on Twitter the other day while trying to catch up (keep up) on some of the tweets in my feed. I have a love-hate relationship with Twitter. I love coming across new and interesting blogs to read but at the same time I have this tendency to want to scroll way back in case I missed something good earlier in the day.

I’ve struggled with this type of behavior as far back as I can remember. When I  was a baby and toddler my parents said I hated to nap. I didn’t want to sleep through anything important.  I was afraid I would miss something.

Nowadays, I recognize this behavior as a control problem. I’ve had to remind myself over the years that the world doesn’t revolve around Eileen keeping up with everything. Life will, in fact, go on just fine if my little hand isn’t in all of it. Imagine that!  Every time I get stuck in this striving mentality a quote from Rick McKinley comes to mind.

“The kingdom is. That’s it. Jesus does not need you or me to nail it together.”

Striving to keep up will always leave us coming up short. It will never be enough. We are left feeling less than and not as good as. We shine the spotlight on all that we are not. It leaves us spinning our wheels, panicked or discouraged.

On the other hand, if we focus on simply reaching out to others we move forward in ways we never imagine. It shifts the focus off of us and places the focus on those around us.  Rather than keeping up with the Joneses we reach out to the Joneses…and anyone else who we meet along life’s road.

14 thoughts on “Reaching Out vs Keeping Up

  1. Heart and Soul

    Oh, I love your thought here. Reaching out should definitely be a greater priority. An open heart and hand extended in kindness truly makes all the difference. 🙂

  2. Stephen Haggerty

    Really digging this one, Eileen! I am a Twitter back-scroller as well, and know what you mean about the love/hate side of it. I always realize after the time wasted that it was not worth it (even though I follow some awesome Tweeps!).
    PS I love some Rick McKinley! Great quote by the Imago Dei Pastor.

  3. Heidi

    Trying to keep up is a sad habit that keeps us trapped in the flesh rather than free. Reaching out is freedom… freedom to be okay with who we are and serve others because we’re not too busy serving ourselves. Great reminder Eileen! Have a great weekend!

  4. nita

    Love this, “…if we focus on simply reaching out to others we move forward in ways we never imagine.” So true. Reaching out does so much more for us than it does for others. 🙂 Quilted blessings

  5. Barbie

    Can I tell you my secret? I don’t even try to use Twitter. I mean, isn’t every good blogger supposed to? I tried, but with working full time and having family time, and maintaining my blog and Facebook page, and of course Pinning all day long, it’s just another thing to do. So I decided other than my auto posts, that Twitter just isn’t a priority for me now. But I love the reaching out idea and I do this through email and Facebook!

    1. Eileen Post author

      That’s a good secret, Barbie! Yes, I guess I opt for Twitter and have stayed away from Pinning. I just don’t have enough time .

  6. Christina

    So, so true! And this quote, ““The kingdom is. That’s it. Jesus does not need you or me to nail it together.”
    That’s a keeper:) And I have a hate/hate relationship with Twitter. We’ve been apart for a while and I know we need to get back together but I’m in no rush:)

  7. Pamela

    Reaching out rather than keeping up. I like that thought. I think it will be hanging around for a bit so I can ponder what it really means in my life.


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