Rest for the Weary

Jesus moves towards chaos and pain 

He is a safe place to ask questions, to seek answers, to doubt 

He invites the broken to come

He doesn’t avoid hard conversations

He doesn’t offer sugar coated replies

Yet He meets His children where they are 

And loves them as they are

He is an open door for the rejected, the outcast, the scorned 

He paints sunrise pictures of His redeeming love 

He shows us snapshots of life abundant…right here, right now! 

He is drink to the thirsty. He is food for the hungry.

All are invited. Come taste. Come see.  

He teaches us that hope has breath

hope is alive

hope bore our pain

and now it waits with arms stretched wide

for the weary world to open tired eyes

to see the sunrise

to gaze upon its beauty

to breathe in grace

to wrap up in the warmth of peace…and rest

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