Ripples of Redemption

The title of today’s post came to me even before I wrote the post. I was out walking my dogs yesterday morning and thought about the ripples of redemption I can see in my rearview mirror.

My son recently turned 12 years old. Every year when this season rolls around again, I think about the ripples.

  • It’s been 12 years since I became a mom.
  • It’s been almost 13 years since Roger and I became husband and wife.
  • It’s been almost 14 years since I took my last drink.
  • It’s been 15 years since I came back home (after a decade on the run) and my Father embraced me with open arms.

Last week I mentioned how I took a Strength’s Finder test at work. One of my strengths is “Connectedness” and here are a few qualities that describe people with this strength.

They are certain things happen for reason.
There are no coincidences.
They believe everything and everyone is part of something larger.
They’re bridge builders.
They “connect the dots” from the past, present and, future and by doing so give others perspective, guidance, and hope.

Let me just say, I was delighted to discover that this is one of my strengths because I sure am passionate about it!

I feel like the little boy riding his training wheels free bike I told you about last week. He confidently proclaimed to me: “I’m five years old and I’m good at this!”


This is one of the main reasons The Scenic Route even exists. This is one reason I talk about the importance of looking for the breadcrumbs on the path. Each and every piece leads us somewhere. Each and every piece should encourage us to pause for a moment and look for the treasure hidden away.

Lord, is there a lesson we need to learn?
Lord, is there a gift we need to unwrap?
Lord, how do You hope to grow us through this experience?
Lord, How do You desire to use us?

When we begin to connect the dots, every day becomes a treasure hunt. And that treasure is bigger than us and our circumstances. We learn things about ourselves. We learn things about others. We learn things about the God who created it all.

Today, let’s keep the eyes of heart wide open. He longs to fill us up!

“Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you believe in Him so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” Roman 15:13

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