Serenade our Hearts, Lord

This coming Saturday I have the honor of shouting His praises to a room full of ladies at a special Christmas event. After being asked to be one of the speakers a few weeks ago, the excitement of being given the opportunity to share a portion of my journey with other ladies has been slowly growing.  I am pleasantly surprised that the overriding feeling I am having is joy and excitement and not fear and sheer terror. 500 of people signed up for the event.  I have never spoken in front of that many people before.  This is definitely a faith stretching, get out of the boat moment for me personally.

Last night was the first indication that there might be some underlying nerves starting to build inside me. I had an anxiety dream about the event.  In my dream, everything that could go wrong went wrong. I was never handed a microphone. There was this weird wall down the middle of the auditorium and I wasn’t quite sure where I was supposed to stand.  Then, when I started to speak, I could not, for the life of me, form a complete sentence even though I was looking right at my notes.  Words came out of my mouth but they were all jumbled up.

When I woke up, I thought “well, that was kind of amusing in a terrifying way” and then the next thing I hear were these words playing on repeat.

“You are the only King forever
Almighty God we lift You higher
You are the only King forever
Forevermore, You are victorious”

We lift our banner high
We lift the name of Jesus.”

The Truth showed up to serenade my heart.

My prayer for tomorrow morning is that Truth shows up, gives us His words, and serenades every single heart in that room.

To God be the glory and honor forever and ever.

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