Shop til I drop….NOT!

I love the Christmas season. I love decorating the tree every year. I love finding the 24 hour Christmas radio station on my car radio and I love having more time to hang out with family and friends. I especially love that we get to celebrate the most important birthday ever! This year I am excited because my son and I are going to make Jesus a birthday cake. We’ve decided that Jesus would probably prefer a vanilla cake with vanilla frosting. (This is a relief since my son doesn’t like chocolate.) We’ve also decided to draw a Christmas tree on the cake with green icing and use sprinkles and candy for the ornaments. I am looking forward to making this cake more than anything else this season!

I love Christmas…I just don’t like shopping. I find it somewhat odd that I am considered a punctual person and a planner but when it comes to Christmas I am the worst procrastinator. It’s like for the last 11 months I saved every ounce of procrastination I have just so I could use it for the month of December.

It is December 2nd. I have not gone shopping yet. For a punctual/planning person this seems odd to me. And for a punctual/planning person you would think this would freak me out…but it doesn’t. I never start shopping until after Thanksgiving. My husband has already taken care of the gift for our son for which I am thankful. My husband has also clued me in to what he would like for Christmas which will make shopping for him fairly easy too. 2 gifts down…many more to go.

I’m thinking, that today, I just might start my Christmas shopping…or it might happen tomorrow. 🙂

Perhaps I would enjoy shopping more if this would take place in my mall today!

3 thoughts on “Shop til I drop….NOT!

  1. frogsview

    I saw this same one via a Facebook friend the other evening – very moving!

    A funny thing happened while I munched on my hamburger..

  2. Kelli

    A birthday cake for Jesus is great! The kids like it and it keeps them focused on why we celebrate Christmas. With repect to the cake, I have no preference…its all good! Will you eat it and make coffee on the front porch too!? hah! Im having trouble with shopping this year. It feels so forced for some reason. I feel like we get pushed into buying all these gifts and it sort of feels like a duty to me this year, you know? I want to celebrate Jesus period. Im a planner too and the shopping struggle is on girl!

  3. Eileen

    Haha! Maybe I could mix the cake out there while drinking my coffee 🙂 Yes, I can relate to your feeling. Today, I was trying to think about it in a more Christ-like way. Giving gifts to others should be a fun experience. I do love that aspect of the holidays…but still have to get to the store to do some of it!


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