Small Distractions

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Prompt: SMALL


Yesterday was a long day.  I picked my dad up from the assisted living facility he’s been living at and took him down to visit his house. He has only made the 80 mile trip down one other time since his stroke 15 months ago. As we drove, my dad told me that, over the past few months, he has made this drive in his mind hundreds of times. He has been looking forward to this trip like a child looks forward to Disneyland.

I had one of my dad’s friends agree to meet us at his house so he could help me lift my dad in and out of the car. The time we spent there made me a little depressed. It’s a chapter in my dad’s life that he wont be able to flip back to no matter how many times his mind dreams about it.

It was a rather long and boring day for my son who had to do his share of sitting and waiting on us adults. He handled the day like a champ.

For lunch, we took my dad to eat at this little place near his house. It was a restaurant he used to frequent several times a week. While sitting and waiting for our food, we were harassed by several relentless and obnoxious flies. Our server commented that they had been a nuisance for quite some time. She grabbed what looked to be a tennis racket hanging from a nail on the wall.  She held it up to the window near our table.

zap  zap

It wasn’t a tennis racket.  It was an electronic bug zapper.

“You want to try it out?”  she asked my son.

He willingly stood up and took the racket. He zapped while the “old people” sat and talked.  Secretly, I think he got the better end of the stick…or rather, the tennis racket. 😉

Last night my son and I joked that the highlight of his Arizona “vacation” so far has been zapping small flies with a tennis racket.

The Knowles family sure knows how to show a boy a good time.

6 thoughts on “Small Distractions

  1. Victoria {365 Days of Thanksgiving}

    I stopped by from FMF and I’m glad I did. My grandmother had a stroke and there was no coming back to “normal” for her. But it was harder for my grandfather to deal with that fact that it was for her… He kept planning and dreaming for that Disney World moment.

    I know how hard that is to watch. The loss of control and self reliance is difficult to see go in someone you’ve seen as the stronger one for so long.

    I will be praying for your family. <3

    1. Eileen Post author

      Thank you, Victoria. I know so many folks go through this. It’s nice to know we are not alone. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Becky Daye

    I too am going through this with my Daddy. It is a tough time, but I am constantly reminded to celebrate the blessings of his life and to not focus on what we are losing. All the best!!!


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