Some Times Hope is Inconvenient


I am intrigued by how God’s idea of “perfect or ideal conditions” usually differs from our idea of perfect and ideal.

This thought came to me again this morning as I read the first chapter of Luke where Luke gives an account of both Elizabeth and Mary finding out they are pregnant. Elizabeth was barren and “well along in years”. For some reason,  the perfect timing for the birth of John the Baptist was when Elizabeth and her husband Zechariah had, more than likely, already come to a place of peace and acceptance in their lives that they would never be parents. And then, all of sudden, when they are beyond the “ideal” age, they receive the happy news.

Mary was an unwed virgin.  I don’t have to go into too much detail as to why, from a human perspective, this looks like a rather inconvenient and confusing time for a young girl to find out she is with child.

Yet in both stories, and from God’s perspective, the conditions were perfect for both of these remarkable, life changing, and world-changing events.

Reading accounts like this in Scripture tends to fill me with hope.

I love how God always makes the seemingly”imperfect” timed things…perfect.
I love how He specializes in taking the broken and flawed things and making them useable and beautiful again.
I love how He takes inconvenient paths and uses them for His purpose and glory.

I love how He does this all through Scripture and I love how He continues to do this in our stories too.

Have you ever felt certain you were standing in the middle of God’s will and all of sudden inconvenience comes along and shakes things up?

The stories of Elizabeth and Mary are good reminders that maybe, just maybe, your not-so-ideal conditions are perfect conditions for a God who has a clear and limitless view of the horizon.

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