Sometimes It’s a Slow Dance


 A friend on Facebook posted this question on her wall yesterday:

Anyone have any stories about praying very specifically for a need and God answering it in amazing ways?

As I typed my answer in the comment section, waves of gratitude hit me again as each word hit the page.  I never get tired of sharing how God reached down into my life and into my pit, picked me up, wrapped his arms around me and guided me home. I am forever grateful for His grace and HIs mercy in my life.


I’m crying tears of gratitude and joy as I type this.  One of the verses I read in my devotional this morning was Psalm 37:4 “Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.”

I’m crying because here’s the answer I typed on my friend’s wall yesterday:

13 years ago this month I was struggling with an addiction to alcohol. I was praying specifically that God would change my heart. I did not want to stop, I admitted that to Him and I just kept praying that He would make my desire NOT to drink stronger than my desire to drink. “Just change my heart, Lord” And one morning…my heart was changed and I experienced that peace that surpasses all understanding. Early recovery was not easy but I just KNEW that God was Bigger! I have been walking in freedom and sweet sobriety ever since.

The journey back to God didn’t happen overnight for me. It wasn’t instantaneous, even though I know He is fully capable of doing that.  No, my journey was a slow turn around.  My journey back started about a year and half prior to that moment I shared above.  With each new decision and new path God had another nugget of Truth waiting for me, like breadcrumbs of reassurance guiding me home. Every slight turn, every tiny step I took towards Him brought me more reassurance.  His voice became louder and clearer in my ear, keep following me, Child.  You can trust Me. You can depend on Me, and my footsteps became firmer.  And, today, the journey continues. It’s still a matter of choices, decisions and heart conditions.


Yesterday morning as I turned into my neighborhood a song I hadn’t heard in a while came on the radio.  I pulled  into my driveway and just sat in my car to listen to the song play.  It was Matt Maher’s Turn Around.  My favorite verse in the whole song comes toward the end.

“You don’t have to take the broken road, you can turn around and come back home.”

Can I encourage you this morning by telling you this:

It’s okay if that turn doesn’t happen fast or overnight.  It’s okay!  Just keep turning.  Keep listening for His voice. When you fall down, get up and listen some more.  Sometimes, I think, the turn around is more like a slow dance where we have to relearn who is supposed to be doing the leading around this dance floor known as life. But, please, just keep holding on, keep trusting that He knows the steps you must take. And, lastly, be willing to go wherever the turning might lead.

One thought on “Sometimes It’s a Slow Dance

  1. Bill (cycelguy)

    Never tire of hearing victory stories like yours Eileen. So glad He reached down and picked you up out of the pit. You stand as an example of what God’s amazing grace is all about.


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