Sometimes We Must Go Before We Can Know

I had a “running” thought while out on my run the other day.

The prodigal son knew his father when he left home but he didn’t KNOW his Father until he returned.

Running thoughts while I’m actually running happen quite a bit for me. I love scripture that compares the faith journey with running a race, running with perseverance, and crossing the finish line.

But, I also love the running away verses in scripture. They remind me that even when we spend years running in the wrong direction turning around is always, always, always an option.

Running away verses remind me that nothing in our lives is wasted and if nothing else “redeeming” seems to come from the detour…there is always one precious gift that comes from the experience… a deeper appreciation and a deeper love for the One who is standing next to the window, looking intently up the road, and anticipating our return.

The prodigal son knew his father when he left home but he didn’t KNOW his Father until he returned.

Prior to running, the son didn’t know the depth of his father’s love for him. Prior to his running, his comprehension of the word grace fit neat and tidy inside a box.  Grace, to him, meant coming home, begging for forgiveness and then spending the rest of his days trying to “make it up” to his father.  It wasn’t until he returned that the son became deeply aware of how little he knew about true love and amazing grace.

Grace doesn’t simply say “I forgive you.” Grace waits for you, grace throws open the front door, grace runs up the road to meet you, grace throws the bigggest celebration you have ever seen.

The biggest gift the prodigal son received?  He finally KNEW his Father.

3 thoughts on “Sometimes We Must Go Before We Can Know

    1. Eileen Post author

      I agree, Bill. I love that running back and knowing Him trumps all the wrong turns/choices along the way.


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