Stealing Kisses

My son loves to take turns wrestling me and my husband. Last night he wanted to wrestle me first because, apparently, I am easier to take down. I believe my downfall is this…when I wrestle with my son, my lips have a hard time behaving themselves.

I can’t resist throwing in some kisses when we are twisted up like a pretzel. My son knows that wrestling matches with mom always have a way of digressing into a kissing fest. It’s hard to pretend you are in a real fight when your opponent is constantly kissing on you. I’ve explained to my son that it’s in my mommy job description to kiss on him. Not sure which rule it is in the Mommy Handbook, but somewhere in there, I know I’ve read this…”steal as many kisses as you can while he is young.” No matter how tough my son acts and no matter how many punches and kicks he throws, I can’t help but love on him.

Last night, before we started our wrestling match, Sean came up with an idea to hopefully solve our little dilemma.

“Mom, why don’t you just kiss me now so you don’t have to kiss me in the middle of our wrestling round.”

I was thinking about this strong desire to love on my child and it got me thinking about my Heavenly Father’s love for us. Even when we have seasons in our life when we wrestle with Him, even when we squirm and often try to resist His embrace, even when we tend to question and doubt, He never stops loving on us. He never stops pursuing us. We are His children and He finds us irresistible! Oh, if we could just stop wrestling and fighting with Him. If we could just be still long enough to simply rest in His embrace …to feel His strong arms wrapped around us and those soft kisses on our forehead.

In case you were wondering, my son’s “pre-wrestling kissing solution” did work. I was able to restrain my lips from puckering up for nearly two whole minutes. 😉

8 thoughts on “Stealing Kisses

  1. Heidi

    I love this post Eileen. What a wonderful mommy you are and this is such a great analogy. My favorite… "If we could just be still long enough to simply rest in His embrace …to feel His strong arms wrapped around us and those soft kisses on our forehead." I don't know what possesses us to wrestle Him when He is all our souls really desire. Blessings!

  2. Jenifer

    I love how you look at this! God loves us and He loves to simply love on us. As you said, we just need to rest in His embrace. Great post Eileen, that really touched me!

  3. frogsview

    Good thoughts, Eileen. I can picture it!

    I have many fond memories wrestling with my kids when they were growing up as well (3 girls and a boy). Good fun and lots of giggles!

  4. Tiffini

    I'm smiling big at your is 3:30 am and I can't sleep! Yes, get them while they are little. My 6'3 16 year old doesn't exactly let me kiss on him anymore…I do so miss those days:(
    and yes…I have been enjoying just being and letting Him love on me..xo

  5. Lisa

    I still find myself sneaking kisses on my 13 year old son. 🙂 Such a good picture of God's love for us. I want to rest in his arms.

  6. Eileen

    Enjoyed reading all your comments. I can see I'm not alone. Nothing beats loving on our little ones! Think I might go kiss on mine again;)

  7. Phather Phil Malmstrom

    Eileen, your posts never cease to bring a smile to my face. 🙂 While my wrestling with the boys usually digresses into a "tickle-monster attack", I get it completely.

    And the analogy works wonderfully as well… Even through all the wrestling we do with fear, doubt and questioning, God always ends up with us in His embrace.

    Have a Blessed Day!


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