Stirring the Creative Pot

It’s Friday and time for another link-up with The Gypsy Mama.  Friday is a time “when we just write not worrying if everything is just right.”  If you would like to join in the fun CLICK HERE


Prompt:  Together

Running and creativity go to together like spices in a pot of soup.  Running stirs the pot and brings all the yumminess that might be resting on the bottom up to the surface and spreads the flavor throughout.    I can’t fully taste the potential until I stir the pot a little bit. So I run and I stir.

As I thought about this concept the other day, I remembered a quote I once read from Julia Cameron.

“Daily writing, writing simply for the sake of writing is like keeping a pot of soup on the back of the stove: it is always there, always ready to be tasted, always ready to be added to, always nourishing, savory, life-sustaining. Like soup, your daily writing doesn’t have to be fancy. A few simple ingredients are enough.”

Running stirs my creative pot and brings the ideas together.
What stirs yours?

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