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Around 1:00am this morning, I woke up to the sound of my dog’s tapping toenails hitting our wood floor. I listened for a short time before deciding to get up and take her outside. She has been on Prednisone since Monday for an infected growth on her tail. One of the side effects to the drug is intestinal issues, so I thought it best to err on the side of caution. It turns out, I made the right decision, she definitely had to go.

As I climbed back into bed and tried to shut my mind back off,  I felt this strong prompting to pray for someone.  But the interesting thing is, I wasn’t sure who I was praying for.  All I knew was that I needed to pray…right then. I prayed for that someone who was hurting. I prayed for that someone who felt alone. I prayed that God would comfort them and show them His hope. And then, I drifted off to sleep.


On Thursday, I was pleasantly surprised when I visited one of my favorite sites, Prodigal Magazine, and saw that a recently accepted post of mine, was being featured. If you missed it, you can read it HERE.  It’s about a missed opportunity I had years ago to comfort a stranger who was hurting.

Last night, when I was led to pray for a stranger…I got out of my seat (so to speak) and did it.  I thought about this prompting again this morning and realized that (in that sense) God is kind of like a virtual mailman. He knew where that prayer needed to be delivered. I didn’t need to know, I simply needed to listen and obey.

I have been encouraged and blessed by the comments left on the Prodigal post. We have all had missed opportunities to be the hands and feet of Jesus. We have all (at one time or another) shrunk back in fear. Yet, those missed moments to reach out in love don’t have to go down as failures. They can teach us.  They can become stepping-stones that guide us on how to respond in love the next time our paths come across a person who needs some encouragement.

What are some missed opportunities in your life that have shaped and grown you? 

8 thoughts on “Strangers in the Night

  1. bill (cycleguy)

    I was pastoring a church and felt an urge to go visit someone who had been suffering from cancer and whom I had been paying weekly visits. But i was tired and wanted to get home. The next morning while I was working out I received a call telling me this lady had gone to be with jesus. I felt horrible and out of sorts over a missed opportunity.

    1. Eileen Post author

      That’s definitely a stepping stone of growth. But kind of needed in order to teach us to listen and obey next time. Thanks for sharing, Bill.

  2. Joy Lenton

    Beautiful post, Eileen. Love this! Those God ordained urges to prayer are special indeed. You have gleaned valuable insight here. How amazing is the God-incidental timing between the pressing need to pray for an unknown hurting person with your lovely post going live on Prodigal! Such things leave us gasping with wonder and sometimes laughing aloud at the sheer magic of it all.

    1. Eileen Post author

      I agree, Joy! I love the lessons tucked away in all the moments. Love how He speaks to us so personally and right where we are!


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