Strokes and Jedi Training

Today is my last day in Arizona before heading back to North Carolina.   I am hoping to make another trip out here later in the summer to visit again.  I had the chance to watch my dad work with his physical therapist this morning. The exercises they are having him work on are ones that are supposed to help him start recognizing and using the left side of his body.

Today, as my dad sat in his wheelchair, the therapist simply wanted my dad to look at his left leg, visualize lifting his foot up off the ground, and then doing what he was imagining.  Every time my dad would lose focus, the therapist would remind him to focus on his leg and lift it up.

My first thought when I saw this exercise was:

His physical therapist is a modern-day Yoda!

“Do or do not… there is no try.” ~ Yoda

Seriously, though, it’s been fascinating to see just how much power the mind has over our ability to do or not do things.  I spoke to the therapist about it and she agreed that it’s about reconditioning my dad’s brain to do what it used to do.  He needs to retrain his brain and form the habit all over again.

I am re-learning some valuable lessons from all of this…lessons like not giving up and making sure that the conversations we have with ourselves on a daily basis are not hindering our progress but are growing us stronger and leading us closer to healing.


11 thoughts on “Strokes and Jedi Training

  1. Arny

    My pastor is a big believer in the power of confession! in the since that we confess something or pray out loud for something of faith to happen…

    right now, before every service. we confess the salvation of our lost family…
    we say the scripture of promise that says me and all my household will be saved… just like the soldier at the jail that shook and let paul out….or cornelieous also!!!

  2. Ken Hagerman(The Barba)

    Thanks for giving this eye witness account of something that id personal and difficult. After my wife’s accident, when she could walk and was in a wheel chair, it was very discouraging, for her, for me for our family. She is using a cane now and will have another surgery to allow her to put that down as well. It has been trying but it is so good to see God being faithful.

    1. Eileen Post author

      So glad your wife continues to recover, Ken. It’s amazing how slow the process is. And, yes, I am so glad that we are able to recognize God’s hand and His faithfulness during each step.

  3. Lorna Faith

    This is so good Eileen…I love that “a modern-day Yoda”:-) So true that we learn the lessons of not giving up and that what we tell ourselves everyday is truth words 🙂 love that:) I hear you about seeing your dad struggling…my dad has also had several mini-strokes in the last few years and is now bed-ridden. When I do see him(about 1x/yr…because He’s so far away), it’s like he’s fading away…but He’s so positive and encouraging and has a strong trust and love for the Lord. I am still learning from him…. Thanks for a great post!

    1. Eileen Post author

      Lorna, thank for sharing a portion of your story. I really appreciate it. I am so glad your Dad is leaning on the Lord and persevering through it all. I am praying that this experience will draw my father closer to the Lord and he will be overwhelmed with His presence.

  4. Caroline

    I love that you were able to be with your dad during this time and during one of his therapy sessions! I never was able to be with my grandfather (who had a series of strokes) during any of his therapies, but I would have him show me what he was working on when I’d go visit him. 🙂

    I learned so much about patience and even more about dedication from watching my grandmother take care of my grandfather, and my grandfather not giving up on farming and enjoying his grand- and great-grandchildren.

    Thanks for sharing this, Eileen. Praying for that retraining process now.


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