Tasting Freedom

No one had ever asked me what it feels like to be me.
Once I told the truth about that, I felt free.
~ Aibileen “The Help”

I finally watched “The Help” last month. I’ve had this quote from the movie scribbled on an index card and sitting on my desk ever since. I might type it up and hang it on my wall. I love it that much.

There is freedom in sharing our stories.

We often keep our most painful thoughts and most shameful secrets tucked away inside of us. We buy into the lie that they are safe there. But, instead, all those hidden hurts are like a cancer that slowly and silently feed on the darkness. They grab hold of us and wont let go.

They whisper to us that it’s safer to simply go through the motions of life. So, we smile when we are supposed to smile and tell people we are fine when we are not. It’s our own prison sentence where we spend the entire 24-hours of our day in lock-down.

But, the truth, regardless of how ugly, painful, or scary, brings freedom. When we have the courage to tell the truth, we no longer have to pretend to be some one we are not. A heavy weight is removed when we choose to let the truth touch the light.

And, when we do share our stories, an amazing thing happens. The cancer that was slowly killing us not only brings us to life but it also has the potential and the power to bringĀ  life to those around us.

We discover that although the truth might initially hurt…it also infinitely heals.

And once you taste the freedom and the joy that this healing brings…there is no going back.

5 thoughts on “Tasting Freedom

  1. Lisa

    I was just sharing this principle with someone the other day. Satan wants to keep us bound up in our shame… we don’t tell our story because we think people will judge us, but there is actually freedom is letting go of that guilt.


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