The Best Gift Ever

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 When I was a little girl, I remember a few Christmas mornings when I tore into my Christmas gifts at record pace.  You might think it was because I was eager to see what surprise was waiting for me under the wrapping paper, but it wasn’t.  The truth is, I used to count the gifts under our family tree.  There were years when I noticed that I had six gifts and my two older brothers only had four.  I was one of those children who would silently stress over the unevenness.

I was too young to realize that maybe my brothers had received more expensive gift than me.  All I saw was 6 versus 4 and I would worry that they might become aware of the number difference too.  I didn’t want their feelings to get hurt.   Even back then, I was highly sensitive to people feeling neglected or left out.


One Christmas, many, many years ago…during the decade of orange carpet. 🙂

Of course, I grew up.  I grew up and realized that the number of presents someone receives is not a good indication or measuring stick for how much a person is loved. I know now that stuff doesn’t equal love.  The giving of one’s self is a far better indicator of love.  And, it’s the only gift we can give that far exceeds a price tag.

Today, I love that I know what Christmas should be all about. I love that Christmas is really a celebration of that ONE gift which was presented to all of us so many years ago.  There is no need for anyone to feel neglected or left out.

That ONE gift has each one of our names written on the tag.  All we have to do is open our heart and receive it.

Today, take a few extra minutes to remember the One who gave the gift of Himself to us. Let’s remember to offer the same gift to folks who might cross our path today.

5 thoughts on “The Best Gift Ever

  1. Chris Monahan

    This is a nice message and a fun delivery. Thank you.
    I note that you are MORE adorable now than “all those years ago,” (to borrow from John Lennon).

    Blessings and Joyeux Noel.


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