The Bravest Request We Can Make


Here’s my heart, Lord.  Speak what is true.

Was listening to David Crowder’s song yesterday, Here’s My Heart, and I was reminded of how beautiful it is when our hearts become brave enough to ask God to speak truth into them.

Now, I think God is always attempting to speak truth.  He IS Truth so He can’t speak anything but truth. However, we have a tendency to only hear what we want to hear.  Us humans are great selective listeners.

I am leery of the simple advice folks some times offer to “just follow your heart.”  I think of Jeremiah’s warning, “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked. Who can know it?”  (Jer 17:9)  Following our hearts is not always the best approach. I like what the words of this song offer as a better approach.  Here’s my interpretation:

God…here’s my heart.  As scary as it is for me to give up control of it…here it is …it’s Yours.  Even though I am reluctant to see all the ugly parts, I also know that Your Light is the only solution to all the dark parts. You alone have the power to transform us from the inside out.  

I know that, sometimes, listening to You speak what is true can be uncomfortable and even painful…but I also know that You alone have the power to heal me and set me free!  

Lord, I choose freedom! 

Years ago, the Lord taught me a life long lesson.  A hiding heart doesn’t heal.  It slowly dies.

When I finally became willing to trust Him with all my heart…not just the polished portions…but the broken, sinful, rebellious portions too, He took me on the most incredible adventure of my life. It was hard. It was painful. Yet…it was beautiful and unforgettable.

And, I believe this is God’s desire for each of us.  Every single day of our lives His desire for us is to wake up and humbly utter those terrifying words…here’s my heart, Lord, speak what is true.

One thought on “The Bravest Request We Can Make

  1. Chris Monahan

    As usual, you display bravery and intellect together in this writing and in your surrender.
    I suppose that’s why your remain so beautiful.
    Blessings, sweet lady.


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