The Cake Walk

One of the words on my son’s spelling list this week is cake. This got me thinking about all the cakes in my son’s life so far. Sean’s 7th birthday is coming up in just nine days. I took a cake walk down memory lane this morning.

ONE Years Old: I think even at this young age, Sean was attempting to tell me that he does not like chocolate…hence the expression on his face. Six years later and he still gives me this look when I offer him chocolate!

TWO Years Old: Apparently, I don’t have a “close up” cake picture from this year. The only one I could find was this one. (Notice girl in background with cake on lap.)

THREE Years Old: Sean was BIG into monster trucks. This was my first attempt at being creative in the cake department.

FOUR Years Old: So far, hands down, my favorite cake. You can actually, kind of sort of, tell it’s a pirate! Sean was BIG into pirates!

FIVE Years Old: At this age, Sean loved the character BEN 10. This is an edible “Omnitrix”…the watch Ben 10 uses to transform into aliens.

SIX Years Old: I hesitated posting this cake. Apparently, it was the first cake I attempted to decorate with my eyes closed. 🙂 Yikes! At least it still tasted pretty good.

SEVEN Years Old: I will have to let you know!

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