The Dangers of Distance

But Peter followed him at a distance, right up to the courtyard of the high priest. He entered and sat down with the guards to see the outcome.
~Matthew 26:58

Every time I read about Peter and his journey of following Jesus, I can identify with his weakness and his humanness. This portion of Scripture reveals Peter’s behavior shortly before he does exactly what he tells Jesus he would never do: publicly deny Christ three times before the rooster crows.

I read the above verse recently and was reminded of how often it reflects our way of following Christ. Every day, we must make a decision on how closely we are going to follow Him. Are we standing by His side or are we fearfully lagging behind?

Fear tells us we must keep a safe distance. Fear tells us to stand back. Fear tells us to take the wait and see approach because anything else is too risky.

Peter was following Christ.  He was in…but he was far from being all in.

The behavior he shows leading up to his verbal denials reflects the condition of Peter’s heart. At this moment, Peter was living, moving, and following in fear…not faith.

And, to be honest, this is the kind of heart I have much more often than I like to admit.

Today, Lord, I don’t want to lag behind in fear.  I want to trust You with my whole heart.

Question: How much distance is between you and Jesus this morning? What do your behaviors reveal about the condition of your heart?  Are your decisions today going to be based on fear or faith? 

I thought I would share this song again by Third Day called Can’t Take the Pain. It’s an older one, but one that made a significant impact in my life many years ago. It’s about Peter and his denial of Christ.  I love the twist at the end.  We often want to take credit for the blame of all our mistakes…but Jesus says, I’ll take that too!

4 thoughts on “The Dangers of Distance

    1. Eileen Post author

      Bill, very true. We do often see it and feel it as it’s happening and it doesn’t make it easier. Praying the Lord will fill you with wisdom and will equip you this morning.

  1. Teresa

    Thank you. Thank you so much for these words. They have touched my hurting soul The fear that I have, it can be erased by faith. And, Jesus is there, right there. Thank you Eileen.


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