The Day I Rose From the Dead

Linking up with Lisa Jo again for Five Minute Friday. The day we “write for five minutes not worrying if everything is just right.” Come join in the fun HERE.

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There is a direct correlation between writing and the path that led me to freedom and to life.

For years, I avoided both words and life.

Wrong turns were taken, mega mistakes were made and my words remained buried.

Until one day.

Until one day, the thought of throwing one more shovel full of dirt over my words was more painful than the thought of digging them up and exposing them…of letting the light in.

All those years of avoiding, was really an attempt to run away from one of my biggest fears…ME.

What would I find?  And would I be able to face the discovery?

With every word

I live

I learn

I grow

I discover more and more joy.

Silence is a grave.

Writing is resurrection.

Posting this song again…because the words say it so well.

6 thoughts on “The Day I Rose From the Dead

  1. Jenny Irvine (@jnnyrvn)

    There is so much healing that can come from words. His word and our own words. We need to be brave and stand firm. There will be times of doubt but you my fmf friend are proof “Live, Learn, and continue to Grow!” Share your words!

  2. Debra

    Wow! I need to hear that today. Over the last few weeks I have looked and re-looked at the stories I have written some as far back as 1980 that have never really seen the light because of fear. But the song reminds me what will really happen if my words get out for others to see and read? I have one book published, now I should continue to move forward and continue,,,


    1. Eileen Post author

      That’s great, Debra! I do know that somethings are just meant for us BUT I think so much of what we keep hidden could help others if we have the courage to share.


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