The DOG…

is my co-pilot.

The dog loves to pick up the boy from school.

Actually, the dog loves the car ride and I love the company.

I never accuse her of being a backseat driver.

But, sometimes, I accuse her of smelling like a dog.

I’ll occasionally remind her that she’s the best dog in the world…except when she gets into the kitchen trash.

When I say the word “trash” her ears go back and her eyes seem to say,”let’s not ruin a loving moment here by mentioning my one tiny flaw!”

I pat her on the head, give her ears a scratch, and silently agree.

9 thoughts on “The DOG…

  1. Kandi

    What a cute story! I am sure that everyone who rad this will take something different away from it. What I took away from it, don't ruin God's perfect love for us by focusing on our flaws.

    Blessings to you Eileen. I don't usually get on the blogs on the weekend, I am so glad I popped over this morning.

  2. Janet Beckwith Macy

    So great! My dog loves to go everywhere with my husband on the farm in any vehicle he is allowed in. Sometimes people think there are 2 people in his truck when he's coming down the road.

    What would we do without our faithful friends, who love us unconditionally.

  3. Eileen

    Kandi, glad you found a lesson tucked away in there! And what a great lesson. Thanks for sharing it.

    Janet, nice! Yes, people often laugh at our dog too…sitting up so nice and proper in the front seat. 🙂

  4. Janet Beckwith Macy

    So welcome Eileen. My middle name is spelled exactly like yours. Do not find that too often.

    I've found – if I think hard and long enough there is a lesson in most everything. We just have to bee looking.

  5. Eileen

    Janet, you are so right. Lessons are all around us.

    And, no, you don't see the name Eileen very often. My mom's middle name was Eileen too!

  6. Pam

    I love the companionship of a pet and it sounds like yours fits the bill for you perfectly (well, almost–we won't mention that t-r-a-s-h problem). Oddly my dog had the same problem till I started putting the can in the cupboard under the sink. I then realized how handy it was there!
    Have a blessed Sunday!

  7. Eileen

    Pam, the funny thing is that my trash has always been in the cupboard under the sink. The smart little girl opens the cupboard! We had to put the child safety lock back on…but it broke. So, now we have to remember to put can on top of counter when not home until we replace lock. Crazy animals 🙂

  8. Tracy

    Hi Eileen – there's this thing going around fb at the moment about – put your spouse and your dog in the boot of your car for an hour. Later when you open up the trunk, who do you think will be more happy to see you? You got it!
    God bless

  9. Kelli

    Too cute! I totally get the dog in the trash! Just when you think they aren't interested anymore, there is turned over trash in the kitchen!


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