The Energizer Bunny

My seven year old son might look more like his dad but he did inherit his “jump out of bed with enthusiasm” from me. Nowadays, my enthusiasm sometimes requires a little caffeinated jump start…but Sean’s is all-natuRAL!

This past weekend a neighbor was going to throw away an elliptical machine. We rescued it from the curb and brought it home. The motorized portion no longer works but (in theory) you could still use it and get a decent work-out. We intend to keep it until we start using the handles as a coat rack. My husband and I have yet to try it out for any length of time, but Sean jumps on it every opportunity he gets, usually first thing in the morning after leaping out of bed!

Sean 5:58am

Look Mom! I can even do it backwards!

4 thoughts on “The Energizer Bunny

  1. Phather Phil Malmstrom

    Wow… When you find out where he gets that much energy first thing in the morning, please let me know! 🙂

    Have a Blessed Day!

  2. Kelli

    That made me crack up! The same thing happened to us. It ended up in the closet and somehow the clothes began to hang! Amen sister about the caffeinated jumpstart! Im with ya!!

  3. frogsview

    What a trooper! From a high energy person I see some of my kids got it from me as well. Chips off the old block I guess..


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