The Game Show God

Have you ever tried to make a deal with God?

There was a season in my life when I treated God more like the host of a game show.  Kind of like the popular show from the 60s and 70s, Let’s Make A Deal. I would try to pick and choose the instruction God had for me.  I would listen to the advice He had that seemed to fit neatly into my life and then throw the rest back and take my chances behind a different door.

Here God, you can have this part of my heart and my possessions but this little part over here…I think am just going to hold on to it.

You know what, God… I’m not sure I am going to like what you have to offer behind that door. It kind of scares me.  I feel like I’m losing control.  It makes me uncomfortable.  It challenges me a little too much.  I think I’ll choose a different door. 

But one painful lesson I’ve had to learn in life is that God doesn’t like to make deals when it comes to our hearts.  He will continue to pursue us until we are His number one choice.  The answers we are seeking.  The victories we are looking for.  The healing we desire can only be found behind one door.

When we attempt to give God only a portion of what belongs to Him or when we choose to only accept the “comfortable” portion of His offer…we are setting ourselves up for the ultimate booby prize.   And in the end, we will be left feeling discontent, disappointed, and empty.

In my own life, when I stopped trying to run away from the one door He was asking me to walk through and when I stopped trying to choose the doors that offered quick fixes or temporary pleasure, my life began to make sense.  When I finally chose the door He was standing behind, I discovered all the things that had been lacking in my life…peace, contentment, strength, forgiveness, grace, courage, joy…

I could go on and on.  There are so many good things behind this door!

Here’s the thing I’ve appreciated most about finding the right door…I’ve been able to stop searching for a different door.  Everything I was seeking was behind this one…the answers, the victories, the healing…everything.

Today, I still have struggles. I still experience pain.  I will still experience loss.   I still have decisions I need to make.    Yet, today…I know where I need to run.  I know what choice I need to make over and over and over again.

Have you ever tried to make deals with God?
What was the result?
What did you learn?

2 thoughts on “The Game Show God

  1. Arny

    Love the thoughts today Eileen…

    I always say..God loves to break our plans…
    I tell my brother that all the time…
    he is a big planner…and it’s good…but when plans do go as he planed…he can get really frustrated…
    and all i tell him is….God loves to break plans…because they are NOT his…HIS is the only plan that will come to pass…so…lets just stick to his…


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