The God Who Hustles

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Never wait until you “feel” like hustling to hustle. Hustle until your feelings catch up. ~ Jon Acuff

This is a great quote.  We can apply it to a wide range of scenarios.  I know Jon Acuff was more than likely applying it to how we need to approach our dreams. Dreams don’t usually just fall into our laps. They take action. They take decisions. They take hustle. And, often, you must make the decision to get up and get going even when a huge part of you desires to sit on the couch… channel flipping and making excuses.

However, when I read this quote, I immediately thought of how it also applies to life change and creating new habits in our lives. I thought of a post I wrote awhile back about how I once told God (in true toddler tantrum throwing fashion) that I would agree to fake it until I made it. I would agree to make the choices He was asking me to make even though my heart was far from being on board.

I experienced, firsthand, what God is capable of doing with a willing heart…even a heart that acknowledges that a huge part of it has NO DESIRE to change. It was those honest conversations that I had with God, the ones where I admitted that my feelings had not yet caught up to what I was being asked to do, that changed everything in my life!

We serve a crazy God who is more than able and willing to take on that kind of challenge. Talk about a God who can hustle and pick up the slack when we simply become willing to put all the resistant pieces of our heart into His hands!

If you are struggling with a kicking and screaming heart, take a minute to read the post below.  I was simply going to link to it, but decided it was best to re-post it. It’s that important.

Melting Hearts of Stone  
Original Post Date March 2011

A very well-known phrase came to mind today as I was running.

Fake it ’til you make it.

Have you ever had to fake it ’til you made it?

I know I have. It’s when you know what the right thing to do is, but your heart is not yet feeling it. It’s head knowledge but far from being your heart’s desire.

It’s often been said that it takes 90 days to break bad habits and to start forming new habits. I suppose this is why drug and alcohol rehab programs always stress a 90 day commitment. We need to give our hearts the chance to catch up and jump on board with the idea.

So often, I think Christ asks us to do things we might not feel like doing. But, out of obedience we do these things. We learn the value of doing it His way.

I can recall a time in my life when I knew the right thing to do. It was black and white. My head knew what needed to be done but my heart was far from agreeing. So, I agreed to do what Christ was asking me to do. I would commit to doing it His way, even though my heart was still continuing to kick,scream and complain.

In my conversations with the Lord, I basically agreed to fake it til I make it. I would do it His way even though I was baffled at how He was going to get me from where I was(and more importantly where my heart was) to where He wanted me to be.

My heart was stubbornly wanting what it wanted. How was he possibly going to change me? At this point, I feel I made one of the best decisions of my life… I stopped questioning how God was going to do this and just decided to believe that He could.

If you think about this concept…faking it til we make it… it shouldn’t be that huge a stretch for most us. If you are anything like me, you spent years and years of your life pretending…so I was pretty good at faking things and going through the motions.

But this time, the difference was that I talked it over with the Lord. I confessed to Him how I was feeling about the whole issue. I confessed to Him that my heart wasn’t in it. I cried to Him about it and I yelled at Him about it. And, He patiently listened to me.

Committing to doing it Christ’s way when there is no enthusiasm or passion behind the choice is one of the most difficult things we will ever do in life. It’s kind of like when a parent reprimands you. You stop doing what they ask you to stop doing…but you are not happy about it. During the whole process, I lost count of how many times I pleaded with God to change my heart. If this is what you want, Lord… CHANGE MY HEART!

We make the decision to do it the Lord’s way out of obedience and somehow during the whole process Christ miraculously does change our hearts. Somehow, through this act of obedience God’s desire for our lives becomes our desires too. He melts our stubborn hearts of stone.

I still haven’t a clue as to how He does this, I just know that He does!

A day does not go by in my life where I am not incredibly grateful for His power to change hearts!

4 thoughts on “The God Who Hustles

  1. Carol O'Casey

    “Committing to doing it Christ’s way when there is no enthusiasm or passion behind the choice is one of the most difficult things we will ever do in life.” Truth. Pure and simple. But after the obedience comes the reward. Thanks, Eileen for this reminder.


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