The Pain in My Neck

Yesterday afternoon, as I hopped in my car and headed towards the elementary school to pick up my son, I realized the right side of my neck was sore when I moved my head. I hadn’t noticed any pain earlier in the day. But at that moment, I realized it was painful even when I barely touched the area with my hand. As I felt around, I noticed that the lymph node on that side of my neck was noticeably enlarged.

I told my husband about it several hours later when he arrived home from work. I had no other symptoms, no sore throat, no cold or sinus symptoms and no fever…just a very sore neck. My self-diagnosis was that it must be something to do with the sinus/cold symptoms I had a couple of weeks ago. Yet, I found it bizarre. I felt perfectly fine aside from the discomfort in my neck. After a little coaxing from my husband, I decided to head to urgent care to find out what might be going on.

The doctor’s diagnosis: Swollen lymph nodes in the neck.

Well alrighty then. Nearly 90 minutes of waiting and a mere 10 minutes with the doctor and I had a professional opinion.

I felt a little silly paying my $15.00 co-pay only for someone to arrive at the same diagnosis I arrived at while I drove along in my car several hours earlier.

The doctor went on to explain that the pain and swelling in my lymph nodes was a good sign that they were doing what they were designed to do, to fight whatever infection was still lingering in my body, most likely from the cold/sinus issues I previously had experienced.

Although it didn’t feel like a good thing at the time, the pain I was having meant everything was working properly. The temporary pain was necessary for complete healing to ultimately take place.

Yesterday was a reminder to me that sometimes walking through pain is the only way for healing and restoration to take place. Pain is sometimes an indicator that healing is around the corner.

Last night, I thought about the first few months I was in recovery. When I finally made the choice to face life instead of numb or run from it, there was lots of pain that came with that choice. I had to feel things and face things about myself that I had avoided for years. Yet, just like my lymph node issue, the pain meant things were working exactly the way they were designed to work.

I wasn’t designed to hide from my life…I was designed to live my life. Pain taught me that.

What about you?
Has pain ever led you someplace good?
Are you avoiding pain that might ultimately help you heal?

After writing this post, I couldn’t help but think of the significance of Easter and Good Friday. Good Friday…talk about a necessary pain that led to restoration and healing.

2 thoughts on “The Pain in My Neck

  1. Bill (cycelguy)

    I have an aversion to any type of medication so I try to listen to my body when it is telling me something. Sore this or sore that says I need a chiropractor or doctor of some sort (after self diagnosis and self-healing attempts). My right knee was giving my some fits last summer so I went to a specialist and found out I needed knee surgery for a torn meniscus. God has used pain of all kinds to sometimes take me to a new level with Him. The enemy wants to take me down. (BTW: the left knee may need the same thing done…Bummer).

    Also: I sent you an email about guest posting for me. Did you get it?

    1. Eileen Post author

      Hi Bill, first I did not get your email. You might not have my most recent address. eileen (dot) knowles (at) Thanks for thinking of me! Yes, I try not to take antibiotics willy nilly. The doctor gave me a script this time around (just in case) things don’t clear up on their own in a couple of days. And, you’re right, He does use pain as a way to teach and grow us. Sorry about your knees. I know SO MANY folks who have had bad knees and needed surgery. Prayers your other knee won’t need it too.


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