The Twirling Traveler

We took a stroll around our neighborhood earlier in the week. It was one of those rare cool summer mornings when the humidity was low and a slight breeze gently whispered through the trees. My son practiced dribbling his soccer ball between his feet while I walked our dog, Bisbee.

When it comes to walks, all we have to do is say the magic word and our four-legged family member immediately begins doing a happy twirling dance around our living room.  Her enthusiasm is obvious as she anticipates the next adventure stretched out ahead of her, from her snout to her tail, unrestrained delight.

“Why does Bisbee like walks so much?” My son asked as we opened the front gate and started our journey up the road.

“I think it’s because she enjoys all the new smells she encounters along the way…smells that are different from those found in her own yard.” I answered.

Not so different from us humans, I guess.

There are certain beauties that can only be found when we choose to step beyond our own front yard.

A part of me knows exactly how Bisbee feels.

New journeys tend to bring out the twirl in me too.

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26 thoughts on “The Twirling Traveler

  1. Shelly Miller

    Oh, it brings out the twirl in me too Eileen. Love the inspiration of seeing new things, smelling the sights. And this makes me miss my sweet dog even more. I miss my walks with him.

    1. Eileen Post author

      I understand, Shelly. Had to say goodbye to my other dog a couple of years ago. The walks with them are the best!

  2. Tracy

    Love: there are beauties to be found when we step beyond…. Yes, a thousand times yes Eileen! And guess who they always point back too…:)

    Twirling with you and have a blessed weekend!

  3. Rob Shepherd

    Have you read Donald Miller’s A Thousand Miles In A Million Years? It’s about living a good story. That book rocked me. I so often like staying with what I know. I end up living a boring story. New things bring new adventures, life, and as you said smells. Great thoughts today!

    1. Eileen Post author

      I have not read it yet, Rob. I have hear of it mentioned before. I will add it to my list. Thank you for the recommendation!

  4. Denise J. Hughes

    What a fun post, Eileen! I think this is the year we’re finally going to succumb to the kids’ wishes for a family dog. A cute little pup is coming home soon. And I’m sure we’ll begin the whole walking-the-dog thing. I think becoming a dog owner is like a whole new world. 🙂

  5. Anne

    I’ve always believed walks are good for the soul, whether it’s for us or for our friendly canine friends. Lovely thoughts!


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