The Vintage Dog

Sean: Bisbee is old-fashioned

Me: Why?

Sean: Because she’s in black and white

It appears the corny sense of humor runs in the family.

Don’t really have a deeper, hidden spiritual lesson to go along with this post. But, I am reminded of something I often say to my son…

“God sure seemed to know what He was doing when he put you, me and Daddy together as a family.”

I love my little man!
I love my big man too!

8 thoughts on “The Vintage Dog

  1. Jenifer

    That is SO cute!! 🙂 I love old black and white shows (I Love Lucy, Leave It To Beaver, Andy Griffith) but my son gets so upset that I watch things in black and white.

  2. frogsview

    Looks like Bisbee also has sofa privileges. Not bad!

    A good laugh is good for the soul! Scripture says it is like medicine!


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