The Wall of Stupidity (or maybe it’s the Whale of Stupidity)

At church yesterday, one of the points of the message was that everyone has a story of hope.  Everyone.  Yet, sometimes, we lean our ladders against a bad wall and that hope collapses.

A couple of times the pastor referred to this bad, shaky wall we lean our hope on as the “wall of stupidity”.  I laughed out loud when I heard him say that.  Not because it was funny but because on several occasions on this blog I’ve referred to the decade I spent running away from Christ as my stupid years.  Those years happened to be most of my 20s.  It was the decade which ended with me being trapped in the belly of my own stinky whale.

Okay, God.  I’m ready to try it Your way!

When you’ve spent time in the belly of a big whale and then discover that it could have been prevented OR there’s a way out…then you want to share that message with others!  You want to tell as many people as you can that there is a firm and secure hope that won’t lead you astray.  There is a hope that doesn’t leave you swallowed up in a sea of despair.

In yesterday’s message we were reminded that reached people desire to reach other people with their story.  We studied the account in Acts 26 when the Apostle Paul shared his testimony in front of King Agrippa.

Reaching others, as the pastor pointed out, is about sharing who you were before you encountered Jesus and who you are after.

It  reminded me of a post I wrote over a year ago about the simplicity of sharing our testimony.  You can read it here if  you want.  But here is an excerpt:

Today, I was reminded that we often make sharing our faith harder than it needs to be.  But really, it should be simple.

1.Jesus touched my life.
2. I am forever changed.
The end.

Who needs to hear your before and after story today? 

5 thoughts on “The Wall of Stupidity (or maybe it’s the Whale of Stupidity)

  1. Debra

    Oh man Eileen this hit me like a ton of bricks. I am leaning my ladder against the wrong wall. I know it because I can’t open my bible and can’t look at the cross because I am ashamed. I am trying to publish a few stories and they aren’t coming together, now I know why. It’s not the story God wants me to tell. Don’t think I’ve asked for prayer here before but I ask for it now. Please pray that God shows me the story HE wants me to tell not the one I want to tell. It’s not about me. Its about Him.

    Great post today

    1. Eileen Post author

      You got it, Debra. Lord, you know what Debra is struggling with. You know what she needs to let go of and put in your capable hands. I ask that you continue to work in Debra’s heart. Give her the willingness and the wisdom to go the direction you are leading. We love you, Lord. Thank you in advance for the work you are going to do in Debra’s situation.

  2. Arny

    Our Story is All we have against the enemy.
    They overcame by the power of their Testimony.
    The Gospel is the power of God Unto Salvation…
    The Gospel comes alive in our story.


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