This Quote Makes Me Squirm

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“Let your need for clarity be the reason you lean into confusion.” Dan Rockwell

I read this leadership quote as I scrolled Twitter last week. Do those words make anyone else squirm?  I squirm because they are true. I squirm because leaning into confusion is often a painful (yet necessary) path we need to journey down in order to make progress in life.

Even though there’s a part of me that feels uneasy reading those words there’s another part of me that loves those words. Why?  Because so often in life the truth can hurt before the truth can heal.  

It’s easier to say “that doesn’t make sense” and simply walk away or shut down. We can remain in “control” when we choose this path.  It’s harder and requires vulnerability and humility to plop ourselves down in the middle of all the unanswered questions and say “I’m sticking around to understand…even if I have to walk through some valleys of pain in order to get there.”

Yet, I’ve learned through my own journey that running away from confusion just delays and prolongs the pain and confusion. The answers and solutions I am looking for are most often found in the one place my heart would rather avoid.  

Where do you need clarity?

What uncomfortable situation or relationship do you need to lean into in order to find that clarity?

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