Three Changes…Three Smiles

I tend to resist change.  I like the familiarity that comes along with things staying the same.  I like knowing what to expect.  Yet, sometimes, certain changes bring a refreshing smile to my face.  I’ve experienced three such changes in the last week that I thought I would share with you.

The first change I am liking is one I discovered just this morning on my trip through the Bible. On January 1 of this year, I signed up for YouVersion and have been using one of their One Year Through The Bible programs. When I logged in this morning, I noticed they changed their format to make it much more user-friendly.  I tend to resist changes like this but I think this one is headed in the right direction!

The second change has to do with my new house slippers.   I’m a little embarrassed to post picture of my old slippers.  But here they are…

I looked at them not too long ago and thought to myself, you really need new slippers.  And then last Wednesday, a friend surprised me at work with a gift.

She had no idea the state of my old slippers.  But, she did, however, know how much I like coffee, which is evident by all the coffee cups you see on the slippers and the word Java Junkie written on the heel!  I love them!

The third exciting change in the last week was the purchase of new living room furniture. This weekend my husband and I heard about a furniture sale taking place.  We have known for quite a while now that our living room furniture needed to be replaced.  The chair was not so bad but the couch was in horrible condition.  Over the years, we’ve gotten great use out of this furniture. So much so, that the cushions have to be placed a certain way in order for us to hide the big tears in the seams. We have also gotten use to sitting in pit like conditions on the couch…the springs are far too tired to spring anymore.

I purchased the furniture about 11 years ago before my husband and I were married…before I even knew my husband.  It was a couch for me and my two dogs.  When my husband and I married and had our son, the couch became many more things…a trampoline for my son’s little energetic legs, a wrestling arena for my son and husband, a pirate ship, and hideaway if you took the cushions off and strategically placed them on the floor.  And, when my son was potty training it unfortunately ended up, on a few occasions, at the receiving end of that training.

We’ve also had many friends, small group meetings, and out-of-town family members spend some time sitting on our living room couch and chair.  My dad held his grandson for the first time while sitting on this now old and worn-out couch.

Lots and lots of beautiful memories.

My desire for the new living room furniture is to continue living and making more memories!

So, what about you?   How do you react to change?  Have any of those changes prompted a smile?



4 thoughts on “Three Changes…Three Smiles

  1. bill (cycleguy)

    I like change. Change is good. My wife does not do change as well or as quickly. I do not use YouVersion for my daily reading. But am so glad you have found one to use. I just bought a new recliner (has to be for a Tall Man) after over 15-20 years for the other (gave it to my daughter). But I don’t wear slippers. Hope that’s okay. LOL

    1. Eileen Post author

      Ha! My husband bought slippers a while ago but can’t wear them. He says he can’t seem to keep them on his feet. Guess they’re too slippery!

  2. Kandi


    Love the new furniture, but I am with you I am generally resistant to change, especially when to comes to my slippers, I get them all molded to my feet and that is just about the time I have more coffee stain than slipper left. :).

    1. Eileen Post author

      haha! My old ones were just the way I liked them too. And, they also had coffee stains on them. 🙂


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