One of the words that leaped off the page in my quiet time this morning.


I did a little research this morning and discovered that, at least in my translation (HCSB), the word understanding is mentioned 31 times in the book of Proverbs. ¬†That comes to 31 times in 31 chapters. That’s worth pausing and meditating on, I think.

Another thought I had this morning was how understanding is different than figuring something out.

Many times (and maybe even most of the time) we arrive at places of spiritual understanding without ever figuring something out. I know that one of the most transformative and healing seasons of my own life had nothing to do with figuring something out and everything to do with understanding.

Being able to understand without figuring out all the answers or having every single why question answered, has brought incredible amounts of peace and freedom to my life.

When we surrender to a power greater than ourselves, when we commit to trusting in Him with all our heart then we stop relying on our own finite understanding (Pr 3:5). And when we do, there’s this all-knowing guide that goes before us filling in that gap between our human tendency to want everything figured out and fixed and us abiding in a place where He pours into our hearts something much more needed, much more lasting, and much more valuable…


There’s beauty and breathing room found on this path. There’s rest for a worn out traveler and peace for a mind held captive by the exhausting cycle of doing rather than¬†receiving.



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