Us Humans Have a Special Knack For This…

Pain typically leads me off the path before I find my feet more firmly planted on the path.

When I lost my mom, it was only more pain that brought me back to where I needed to be.

Now, I don’t think pain has to be the path we take. Had I chosen to hold on and trust instead of letting go and bolting away, then I don’t think the additional pain I experienced would have been necessary.

This morning I thought about how us humans have a special knack for taking an already sucky situation and making it even harder.

One thing I love about Scripture is that it’s filled with instances of other folks who also have this special knack of making bad situations even worse.  I love these folks because I can relate to them. Their humanness reminds me of my humanness.  Their journeys remind me I am not alone and that my struggles and doubts are not unique.

The other thing I love about Scripture is that it’s filled with stories of a God who has this special knack of looking at these same folks and saying amazing things like this to them:   I choose you.  You’re my chosen instrument…I will use all of it…all of it...for my Glory.

In case you don’t know by now, I love redemption.  I love how God finds a way of using every piece of our story.  I love how even the detours we take into the wilderness end up leading us some place more beautiful than we could ever imagine when we finally become willing to dump all the heartache at His feet.

For some reason, my mind just thought about food to illustrate the point I’m trying to make. (Maybe because I haven’t had breakfast yet and my stomach just growled at me.)  I thought about how there’s edible portions of food and inedible parts of food. But with God, all of it is edible.  He doesn’t discard any of it.  He finds a way to use it all nourish us and/or grow us.

I also love that the lie I believed for years (keeping me stuck on the wrong path for years) was finally exposed.

“You made your bed…now you have to lie in it.”

That, my friends, is a load of hogwash.

It’s a crippling lie we whisper to ourselves so that we can avoid making the tough, scary, and brave decisions along the path.

Yes, there are consequences to our bad choices.  Yes,  we must choose to confront and deal with those consequences….but by no means does that mean we lie down and settle.

We have a choice every step of the way.  We can make the decision to choose differently.  And despite what that voice of defeat tries to make you believe…it is never too late.

It’s always our choice whether we lie down or whether we get up and keep making progress down the path.

Today, I hope you make the courageous choice to keep going.

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