Vivid Joy Beyond Our Painful Past

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One of my desires is to read through the Bible this year.  This morning’s reading was a portion of Joseph’s story in the Book of Genesis. Joseph’s ability to interpret Pharaoh’s vivid dreams changed the course of his life.  The highlights in Joseph’s life up until this point had not been the happiest memories…being sold into slavery by his brothers, being wrongly accused by Potiphar’s wife, and being imprisoned by Potiphar. .

Joseph’s gift of interpreting dreams eventually became his ticket to freedom.  Yet, it didn’t just lead to freedom, it also led to a great harvest. Joseph went from prisoner to ruler under Pharaoh.  And, despite the famine that swept over the land, his life was fruitful. Because of his God-given ability to explain Pharaoh’s vivid dreams, the course of his life took an abrupt turn for the better.

I love the names Joseph picked for his children.  Manesseh, his first-born son’s name, means “it is because God has made me forget all my troubles and all my father’s household.  And, Ephraim, his second son means, “it is because God has made me fruitful in the land of my suffering.”

These names reminded me of how amazing God is at redeeming our painful pasts. God can take our most painful and vivid memories and transforms them into distant, faded memories that don’t haunt us day after day.  God redeems the hurt.  God can fill us with joy and plenty even when we find ourselves in the midst of a famine.

7 thoughts on “Vivid Joy Beyond Our Painful Past

  1. Kim

    He does indeed have such power to transform and redeem, and I am so thankful for that. Your analogy of Joseph is an apt one. (I am reminded of the play “The Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat” that has great music, by the way, if you’ve never heard it!)
    I love how God used Joseph’s time in Egypt to grow and mature him, to reveal to Joseph all of his wonderful, colorful gifts.

  2. Jenifer

    “God can take our most painful and vivid memories and transforms them into distant, faded memories that don’t haunt us day after day.” LOVE that!

  3. Denise J. Hughes

    I am wanting to read through the Bible this year too. I’m going through the One Year Chronological Bible, and I just read the account of Joseph, and the names he gave his sons, this week too. Yes, the meaning of those names are poignant, giving hope to our own past pain. I love how you tied this into your post. Beautiful.

  4. Lisa

    God used all things for our good. 🙂 I love the story of Joseph’s life. His brother’s meant to harm him, but God had other plans ~ He always has other plans.

    Many blessings, Eileen!

  5. Caroline

    Awesome lesson learned from Joseph, Eileen. And I like your take on “vivid.” Some things we need not to remember or focus on so vividly, like our past mistakes, yes? So thankful for a redeeming God.


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