What I Am Fighting For…


“Friendships should have a solid foundation built on alcohol, profanity, inappropriateness and shenanigans”

A good friend posted a picture on my Facebook timeline last night of a Marilyn Monroe type lady smoking a cigarette with the above caption.  My friend’s comment about the picture and quote says it all:  This sums up the 90s.  

Yes…yes it does.

It’s interesting what my reaction was when I first saw the picture.  For a moment, I was embarrassed.  I’ve always referred to that decade (my 20s) as my “stupid years”  And, I know I’m not alone when it comes to making a fair share of mistakes and taking several wrong turns along the way…especially at that age.

Shortly after seeing the photo and thinking about why my heart reacted to it the way it did, I read these words:

“To break bad we have to fill our eyes with what is good. No, it’s not easy and it’s not a simple formula.  It’s a hard-fought choice.  But the fight is not against what’s been leading us down an empty, dead-end trail. The fight is for what is good, perfect and true.” – YouVersion, Louie Giglio

I love that distinction.  I think far too often we try to heal and find freedom by fighting against something when, in actuality, we should be fighting for something.  

My past, is just that…my past.  I can’t change a thing about it. Countless times on this blog, I’ve been an open book about that journey.  And, I will continue to share because I know that shame and condemnation never come from God.  I’m glad my friend posted this picture on my timeline. It was a good heart check for me.  It was a reminder to me that we often like to pretty up our stories and sweep the flaws away.  Yet, it is often those same flaws that God has found a way to redeem and use to bring us to where He desired us to be all along. After the twinge of uneasiness from seeing that photo, I felt another emotion…relief and sheer gratitude.

I no longer fight against something.  I fight for something.

And I will fight for it every day of my life, because it’s true, because it’s good, and because it’s so worth it!

Thank you, Lord, for the reminder that nothing in our lives is wasted. No pain, no failure and no sin. You find a way to use it all. Help us to keep our eyes and our hearts fixated on Your grace and Your Truth!  Help us to pursue it and fight for it everyday.  

All this earth
Could all that is lost ever be found
Could a garden come up from this ground at all

You make beautiful things
You make beautiful things out of the dust
~Gungor Beautiful Things

2 thoughts on “What I Am Fighting For…

  1. Anne

    “This sums up the 90s.” would be applicable to most folks’ (that I know) twenty-something decade…in my case, it’s, “This sums up the 70s.” The reality that our past is just that, past and put away, is what we all have to remind ourselves. Well said, friend!


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