What Is Your Goal Today?

…If pleasing people were my goal, I would not be Christ’s servant.
(Galatians 1:10b NLT)

There it is in black and white. Paul spells it out for us. If our goal is to please people and attempt to win their approval then we are living in complete contrast to what it means to be a servant to Christ. Everyday we face a challenge. We have a choice to make. Will we live to please people or live to please God? We can’t have it both ways.

Ever get stuck in people pleasing mode? It’s an exhausting and depressing cycle. I know, I’ve been trapped there before. There are times in my life when I still fall back into this mode of seeking approval from those around me. I often find myself desiring that pat on the back.

However, here is the problem I am discovering about seeking validation from others. It’s never enough. It never satisfies. It always leaves us wanting more. I’ve come to the conclusion that people pleasing is like a drug we often use to treat our insecurity issues. It’s a quick fix that temporarily puffs us up with false confidence and then disappears…leaving us craving more. So, we go out looking for that next hit of approval.

“If pleasing people were my goal, I would not be Christ’s servant.”

I need to constantly be evaluating my motives and my heart. Who am I trying to please? Who do I serve today?

The Lord’s light penetrates the human spirit,
exposing every hidden motive.
(Proverbs 20:27 NLT)

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15 thoughts on “What Is Your Goal Today?

  1. My daily walk in His grace!

    Hi Eileen. This is an excellent post. I also sometimes want that pat on the back. Not from people in general – its normally my family, because I 'serve' them I suppose. But in serving them I should be doing it as unto the Lord.
    Thanks for the reminder
    God bless

  2. Kandi

    What an awesome post Eileen. So often we get caught up in pleasing people, we want to know that in their eyes we are doing a good job, but we should be focused on being pleasing in the eyes of the Lord, that is where our security comes from.


  3. Amy Sullivan

    Ouch, ouch, ouch. Who am I serving today? I'm not guilty of being too much of a people pleaser, but pleasing myself and what I deem worthy and important, now that gets me.

  4. Jen

    Do you know that I am battling in this same battle and God is making it plainly clear what I am doing through this post. The truth is that I try to do everything and only a fraction is what God wants me to do. Because I am so tired from doing everything, I can't do anything with a joyful heart, which is what He wants most!

  5. Jenifer

    Great post. I have been a people pleaser. Still am at times. My daughter is also a people pleaser. It is hard and it is tiring. I want to please God and God alone!

  6. Joywriter

    Thank you for an eloquent "goal check." I'm with you; people-pleasing is a familiar trap for me, too.

  7. Lisa

    Great post, Eileen! It's so hard not to seek man's approval sometimes. But, like you said, it is exhausting. Man is fickle, you will get praised one day and cursed the next. I want my goal to be to please God, not man.

  8. Juanita

    Thank you for posting this great topic!!! I need to write that scripture across my bathroom mirror! This is one of my constant struggles, and you are right it is a depressing rut to be in! One of my goals is to get passed this man pleasing problem and set my sights to the only one that matters, God!!!

    Thanks again! And great job!!

  9. Allison

    Praise God I am not a people pleaser…not really! I do want to please Him, but sometimes have to get myself out of the way first!

  10. Eileen

    Enjoyed reading all your thoughts on this topic! I guess it comes down to what is motivating us. Our actions should always come from a heart wanting to please God first. Thanks!

  11. Phather Phil Malmstrom

    Great post Eileen. I think we all fall into the "people pleaser" mode now and again, but you're right… It's never enough. If we focus our efforts on living for God's Glory, then we can truly be fulfilled.

    Have a Blessed Day!


    Thanks for an accurate description of the futility of people pleasing. And your post is motivating . . . making me desire truth.



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