When coffee tables act like walls

About 1:30 this morning I was awakened by a conversation my husband started with me. By the sound of it, I think he was half a wake and half asleep. It really amused me.

Him: Is there room for me to get out of bed on your side? I need to get out of bed.

Me: Sure…but can’t you get out of bed on your side?

Him: Oh, sorry…I was having a dream that I needed to get out of bed. I do need to get out of bed…but I can get out of bed over here.

He then proceeds to shift his legs around in bed.

I waited from him to get out of bed.

I waited.

He never got out of bed.

This odd little night time conversation made me think of sleepwalking as a child. I went through a season when I was about 10 years old when I did quite a bit of sleepwalking. Once, my oldest brother came home really late and flipped on the light in his bedroom. I was in his bed. I have no clue how I got there. He didn’t either. But, he guided me back across the hall to my bedroom and tucked me in. Another time, my parents discovered me sleeping on the floor in the hallway.

My most memorable episode where I was actually half awake and half asleep was when I got up out of my bed (a water bed by the way) in the middle of the night thinking I had been asleep on the living room couch. I was attempting to go around the coffee table that was situated in front of our couch. Instead, I kept hitting my bedside table and the wall my bed was pushed up against. I tried everything to get around that “coffee table”. I even got up on my bed, a bed that sloshed around with water, and tried to climb over the “coffee table.” Why did it feel like there was a wall in my way?

After what seemed like hours of trying to get out of the living room, I started to panic. Eventually, I made enough noise as lamps and pictures began to fall from my headboard bookshelf that my parents decided to come down the hall to investigate. They flipped on the light in my room and discovered me standing on my bed and quite literally climbing the walls.

I got back in bed.

I never found my way around the coffee table.

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